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ActiveFax Server v6.20 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: ActiveFax Server v6.20 x86/x64 Crack Serial

ActiveFax is an advanced, powerful and featurerich fax server system. ActFax has been designed for network-widetransmission and receipt of fax messages, as well as sending andforwarding fax messages by email.
Due to the client/server architecture of ActiveFax, all data isstored centralized on the fax server. With the integrated faxclient and the ActiveFax printer driver, faxing from any standardapplication is as easy as printing.
For the integration of the fax service into own applications,ActiveFax offers various standardized interfaces. Due to theintuitive user interface ,the installation and configuration ofActiveFax is done in just a few minutes.

Since ActiveFax automatically detects and configures theavailable hardware, the fax server is ready for operation rightafter the installation. Sending fax messages with ActiveFax is assimple and fast as printing a document on paper. To fax or email adocument with ActiveFax, choose the printing function in yourapplication as usual and select the ActiveFax printer as thedestination printer.
ActiveFax now displays a dialog window asking for the recipient (ora list of recipients) of the message on the screen. Central andprivate phone books assist the user in that case. ActiveFax nowtransfers the document to the fax server that automatically storesthe fax and transmits it as fast as possible, depending on priorityand available fax lines. For failed transmissions, the call isautomatically repeated using sophisticated redialingtechniques.
The owner of the document can be informed about the result of atransmission with automatically printed sending reports, emailnotifications or through a popup window on the fax client.

Here are some key features of “ActiveFax”:
– Terminal Server and Citrix support
– Complete client/server architecture
– Centralized data storage on the fax server
– Data access from every workplace in the network
– Sophisticated user, group and security concept
– Support of all common fax modems (fax class 1, 1.0, 2 and 2.0),ISDN adapters and Brooktrout/Cantata and Intel/Dialogic fax boards(list of recommended modems)
– Support of V.34 Fax (Super G3) for transfer rates of up to 33,600bps
– Support of VoIP/FoIP (Voice over IP/Fax over IP) with Eicon “DivaServer SoftIP” software
– Unlimited number of fax lines (modems)
– Free technical support and software updates available for freedownload
– Faxing and emailing from any Windows application through nativeprinter driver
– Faxing and emailing from UNIX and Linux through LPD/LPR, FTP,TFTP and RAW-TCP-Port connections as well as import from the filesystem
– Automatic routing of received fax messages with extension numbers(DDI, MSN, DID), station id (CSID) and line routing
– Automatic printing of received fax messages and sending reportson different printers per user
– Automatic forwarding of fax messages by email, also to multipleemail addresses
– Automatic export of fax messages
– Support of the file formats PDF, Tiff, Multipage Tiff, GIF andBMP for email attachments and document export
– Automatic definition of fax parameters (fax number, subject,priority, etc.) for fully automated fax messages from ownapplications through data fields
– Formatting of fax messages from non-Windows operating systemswith printer commands of HP-LaserJet (PCL), Epson-LQ, Postscriptand PDF
– Automatic archiving of fax messages
– Central and private phone books
– Direct access to Outlook and Exchange address books
– Cover pages and overlays
– Data exchange with external database tables through ODBC
– Fax on Demand server and client (fax polling)
– Least Cost Routing and automatic delayed fax transmissions
– Email transmission through SMTP with direct Internet connectionsor RAS dialup connections
– Support of HP Digital Sender 9100C and Xerox Workcentreseries
– Economical utilization of available resources for low hardwarerequirements
– Automatic hardware detection and configuration by the setupprogram

Installer Size: ~
14 MB

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