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Chaos Intellect v10.1.0 Crack


Software Description: Chaos Intellect v10.1.0 Crack Patch

Chaos Intellect is our next-generation emailclient AND contact manager, all in one great program! We’ll giveyou five good reasons to switch from your old email client and makeIntellect your email program of choice! If you are looking for acontact manager without email built-in, we also make.
Chaos Intellect: Business email client and contact manager. Ournewest addition to our product line has been a big hit since itsrelease and is ready for Vista! Read on to see what the buzz isabout or read Chaos Intellect email client testimonials from actualusers.

Here are some key features of “ChaosIntellect”:
– It is not just an email client, but a full contact managementsystem!
We have an award winning contact manager called Time & Chaos,sold since 1991, and have taken all the features from it and addedit to Chaos Intellect. This includes Appointment calendars, Tasklists, Memos, and full network sharing capabilities.

– It has automatically linked email for your contacts
Our Time & Chaos contact manager made sure appointments andtasks were linked back to contacts to give you a record of what hadhappened in your relationship with them.
Intellect takes it one step further by indexing all of the incomingand outgoing messages and automatically linking them to contactswith recognized email addresses.
In the inbox, messages from people you know are immediatelyapparent, as they have a special business card icon on your messagelist.

On any contact, if you bring up their details and go to Linked MailItems, you can quickly see any emails they sent you or you sentthem!

– It has powerful spam-fighting tools
Mail filters, Bayesian learning filters and a special SmartFilterdesigned to catch the “cheaters” who send spam specificallydesigned to beat normal filters. All of these mail rules areavailable to help get the junk out of your inbox!
The people in your contacts, however, are protected and”white-listed” so any messages from them will go straight to yourinbox instead of getting filtered out by mistake.

– It has special email features for Business users, including emailmerges
With the powerful contact database we have, the people you emailoften can be placed into groups and categories, which can functionas the various mailing lists you use. With categories, one contactcan be on as many different specialized lists as you would chooseto create.
When you send to a group of contacts, you aren’t forced to use theBlind Copy field to keep email addresses private. You can alsochoose to use our mail merge features instead, similar to the mergefeatures with Microsoft Word for paper letters. Insert some fieldsinto your email, select the recipients, and Intellect will createan individual, personalized message for each person you are sendingthe message to, addressed directly to them, and looking like aone-to-one message directly from you.

– Your data, including email messages, can be shared orsynchronized
Intellect is network ready, so you can share databases or mailboxeswith other users on your network. You can even pick and choosewhich databases you want to share, if you want to keep some of thedatabases personal for you.
Intellect also has an option to “Sync with removable media” to takea copy of your data and email with you or to merge your changesback when you return. No longer will you have to be at a particularmachine to read and answer your email!

Installer Size: 11.20 MB

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