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Easy Mail Plus v2.2.33.1 Crack


Software Description: Easy Mail Plus v2.2.33.1 Keygen Serial

Type your message, and then just a fewmouse clicks can fax it, print it, email it, prepare an envelopeand print a label.

Best of all, leave your printer settings alone! For mailing, juststick an envelope where the paper goes and let Easy MailPlus handle the rest.  Or put a sheet of labels inthe printer and print on the labels you need right now. Use therest of the label sheet another time.

Built-in importing uses drag-and-drop technology to make it easyfor you to create Address Files from your datafiles.

– Use the predefined envelopes and labels (metric and US) orconfigure your own.
– Use one of our logos, or any BMP, GIF, JPG, WMF, ICO image.
– Drag and drop addresses, logos, barcodes, etc.
– Put post office barcodes on envelopes and labels
– Print to the entire list, one at a time, or to selectedaddresses

– Print just one label or a few labels per sheet
– Print a full sheet of the same or different addresses
– Drag and drop text and graphics positioning on envelopes andlabels
– Print pre-defined labels for diskettes, cassettes, video, nametags, etc.
– Full size or mini sheets supported

– Full featured word processing editor.
– Set Margins, tabs, borders, tables, insert graphics
– Insert mail merge fields in your documents or email messages
– Write a note or a letter; then print or fax it
– Email your documents to one or the entire address list
– Fax to our integrated fax driver, or to your own external faxsoftware

– Select addresses, return addresses, graphic logos instantly
– Look up addresses in the address book or the powerfuldatabase
– Filter the address database for any field or combination offields
– Quick Filter to quickly find all addresses that match onefield
– Sort by any field by clicking on the column header
– Find and delete duplicate addresses
– Tag addresses for printing or other uses
– Print predefined Address Reports or design your own.

Here are some key features of “Easy MailPlus”:
– Design graphic layouts – be sure your mailings demand attentionand demonstrate the importance of your content. Quickly designbeautiful layouts for envelopes, labels, and stationery; Easy MailPlus “remembers” each one until it is changed. Save as manydifferent layouts as you like. It’s easy with our drag-and-dropmethod. No artistic skill is required.
– Just click on a field and place it exactly where you want it. Dothe same with your logo or a graphic, then resize or reshape it bydragging with the mouse. Stretch it out above your address, if youlike. Select font, size and color to suit. On larger labels,include a return address and a logo or graphic if you like.
– Standard envelope sizes are pre-defined, 4 US and 4 metric. Andstandard Avery label sheet sizes are pre-defined, 8 US and 8metric. Further, you can define other sizes to meet specific needs.And you can save graphic layouts for specific sizes.
– Free-Form Address Book – Address Books are saved to file in theformat used, as in correspondence and on envelopes or labels. It isideal for maintaining short lists of friends, suppliers, etc., whoare frequently contacted.
– Easy Mail Plus database – from a few addresses to tens ofthousands, the Easy Mail Plus database provides powerful, reliable,easy-to-use address handling.
– Full search, filtering, tagging, import, and export capabilitiesare at your disposal.
– Starting in version 2, many new database fields have been addedand many existing fields have been expanded in size.
– Use the three 100 character all-purpose fields for any use.Customize any field name to suit your needs.
– By setting last names beginning with “A” as the first value toinclude, then setting “B” as the last value, you have selected alllast names in your file beginning with “A” or “B.” You can narrowyour selection further by repeating the process on other fields.For example, if you restrict the city field to Chicago, the filterselects all last names beginning with “A” or “B” for which the cityfield is Chicago.
– A common practice is to tag the selected items. Once tagged,these records can be output as needed, deleted, saved to anotherfile, or appended to an existing file.
– Eliminating duplicates – the default is to examine last names inthe file with the associated zip code. This quickly finds twoAndersons in the same zip code area. However, you may want to checkboth records to be sure they are in fact the same, including firstnames, addresses, etc. Other options are to search for last namesassociated with both an organization and zip code, or with a cityand state.
– Duplicates are displayed and tagged. Inspect them, or summarilydelete them. It’s your choice.
– Backing up files – the kinds of files you want to back up areselected by clicking on the type. The program “remembers” yourselections. Specific files to be backed up are displayed in a list.You can delete from the list as needed with a click, and browse fora file you want to add. Designated files can be backed up with aclick.
– After files are compressed and copied, a report is displayedverifying each file, it’s destination and date and time.Unsuccessful attempts are logged. You can save the report to a fileor print it.
– Custom reports – As you would expect in a mailing list softwarepackage, a number of pre-configured reports are provided. But youare invited to create your own to fit your specific needs.
– Available database fields are displayed. You simply drag one to alist to be used. For each, you are asked for a heading. As it iscreated, the report is updated with the heading selected as well asactual data. Each time you add a field, all headings and data areupdated and redisplayed. A click saves the format. The next timeyou select “User Configured Reports,” the new format is displayedwith others you have created. Click to select any format, then viewor print the report.
– Address formats – four database address formats can be defined byspecifying from 3 to 8 lines, each from 30 – 100 character inlength. You drag database fields from a list, and drop them on theappropriate line. Options include your preferences forpunctuation.
– At print time, addresses too large to fit on the selectedenvelope or label are automatically output in a smaller font sizeto avoid truncation of the address, a feature that can save realdollars by avoiding returned mail.
– The Reference Date field can automatically be updated upon anymailing so that future reference to a record will show immediatelywhen it was last used.
– The phone number in the current record can be automaticallydialed.
– The Database Grid can be customized; field headings can bechanged to suit.
– Keyboard and mouse macros can be recorded and replayed asneeded.
– Support is provided for additional popular labels including thoseused with diskettes, audio and video cassettes.
– WYSIWYG editing and printing, which means that with minor
– Graphics files can be inserted within text; supports .BMP, .WMF,.GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, and .ICO files.
– Full drag-and-drop support means you can move text or graphicsand even customize the toolbar by dragging with the mouse.
– A visible ruler helps keep track of where you are on thepage.
– The tool bar, status bar, and ruler can be removed andreactivated as needed.
– Provides for automatic paragraph indentation; also for left andright indent.
– Use single, one and a half, double, or triple line spacing. Oruse variable line spacing.
– Text can be aligned (justified) to the left margin, the rightmargin, or centered.
– Font attributes available include superscript, subscript, allcapitals, and small capitals.
– Mail Merge – Personalized mailings can be very effective. Simplycompose a document, such as a letter, using the first name orprefix and last name as appropriate. Maybe “Jane” or “Ms. Johnson.”Then select the fields to be substituted in your document from eachrecord. When printed, the mailing list software automaticallyincludes the appropriate name. If the document is to be mailed,matching envelopes or labels can be produced.

Installer Size: 4.98 MB

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