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Go1984 Ultimate v7.2.0.1 Crack


Software Description: Go1984 Ultimate v7.0.0.1 Full Crack

go1984 is the tool for professional andproblem-free video monitoring. Simple operation with largestfunction varieties at an absolutely competitive price for theindustry new yardsticks set.
The function range of go1984 contains everything that is needed forthe enterprise of a professional video monitoring. In additionbelong e.g.:
– live-monitoring
– Recording (timer steered, with movement or durably)
– Control of PTZ cameras
– Alerting acoustically, by E-Mail or Voice call by ISDN
– Main line train reef over the network or InterNet
– Calendar functions

The software works at it as so-called “hybrid system”, which canprocess digital network cameras just like similar video sourcesover video servers or Capture maps.
Enterprises with existing similar video technology can in such away “smarten transferred” into the digital world to make andalready existing hardware to integrate. Thus go1984 makes animportant contribution to the investment protection.
go1984 supports the hardware numerous considerable manufacturer,e.g.: Axis, Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Mobotix, Logitech, Intellinet,Veo, more iTuner.

Live images and camera control:
The integrated image center allows you to display cameras on one ormore screens. You can use one of a whole host of templatesavailable from go1984 to arrange and set the resolution of thecameras. You can operate controllable PTZ cameras with minimaleffort using the software.
The recordings of a camera are stored in a tree structure, similarto Windows Explorer, on the hard disk. For each image source anindividual saving place and saving time can be determined. It ispossible to use local hard disks as well as network hard disks. Asadditional aids, the software offers a monthly and a daily overviewwith quick preview. Therefore lengthy searching of your recordingarchives finally belongs to the past.
Integrated motion detection:
go1984 analyzes and permanently supervises whether the activecameras detect any motion in order to activate automatic recordingor to raise the alarm. In the process, freely defined masks can belaid over the image to exclude irrelevant areas from the motiondetection. It is even possible to analyze an external motiondetector or switch through a suitable input channel.
Diverse alarm functions:
go1984 can inform you in various ways when an alarm is triggered.For instance, the alarm can be notified via email or telephonecall. A clear, flexible event manager enables the trigger signalsto be configured exactly.
Remote access via LAN/WAN/Internet:
go1984 provides an integrated web server that can be accessed viaTCP/IP from the LAN and Internet. This server allows you to accesslive images and recordings, as well as control PTZ cameras via allstandard browsers or the free go1984 Desktop Client. Suitableapplications are also available for mobile devices such asiPhone/iPad, Android Smartphone or Windows Phone.
For each weekday, periods of surveillance can be defined andcombined with different camera functions. Therefore it is, forexample, possible to restrict alarm reports or recordings toparticular times. Holidays can be treated individually by theuser.
User administration / Access rights:
Often, only selected employees are permitted access to the videosurveillance system. The sophisticated user administration makes itpossible to give individual authorizations for each user. By thismeans, live images, recording, PTZ controlling and administrationrights can be restricted or granted individually to each user.

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