Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021
TeamSpeak Client v3.1.6 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: TeamSpeak Client v3.1.6 x86/x64 + Activation Crack

Teamspeak Client is free communication softwarethat provides high quality voice chat via the Internet. The basefunctionality of TeamSpeak is in its connection between PC clientsand internet dedicated servers, which serve as a transfer pointsfor all your audio streams. This centralized structure provideshigher quality sound than other solutions that use peer-to-peerconnections.
With TeamSpeak you can easily talk with hundreds and thousandsusers simultaneously, enabling you to use it for large scaleteleconferencing in both professional and home situations (such asvideo gaming or gathering with friends and family). TeamSpeak isabsolutely free, and lets you incredible freedom and power in theworld of online voice chat.

Here are some key features of “TeamspeakClient”:
– Local addressbook allows you to connect quickly to your favoriteservers
– Webserver list allows you to find TeamSpeak servers without theirIP
– Flexible permission system, allowing you to configure your serverthe way you want it
– Channel and subchannel creation
– Built-in web administration interface allowing you full controlover your server via your web browser
– One server-instance can run multiple virtual servers whichresults in hassle-free administration
– Telnet access to your server-instance as well as to all virtualservers
– Client is designed to work well with firewalls and routers
– Passworded servers and channels
– Completely configurable keybindings (hotkeys) to quickly joinspecified channels, mute your microphone, etc.
– Whisper functions so you can speak privately to inidividuals,groups of persons, or other channels
– Auto voice normalizing (no need to adjust your mic manually)
– Supports Microsoft Gamevoice (TM) hardware
– Event driven sound notifications (which can be configuredindividually)
– Text messaging in the client (for those complicated URL’s orIP’s) and clickable links
– IRC-like admin functions for your server (like serveradmin,channel admin, operators)
– Channel moderation, which is useful for holding meetings inchannels with many users
– Kicking / banning people
– Seemless optoinal MySQL integration, allowing you to customizeyour server database
– Minimal CPU and RAM requirements
– Given bandwidth requirements are met, servers can easily handlethousands of users

Installer Size: 68.1+ 76.6 MB

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