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Abrosoft FaceMixer v3.0.1 Crack


Software Description: Abrosoft FaceMixer v3.0.1 + Crack

Abrosoft FaceMixer is designed to createfantastic face composites with multiple images. With ourintelligent face detection and facial feature extraction technique,you can easily mix up multiple faces into a magic “average face” orgenerate thousands of synthetic copyright free photo-realistic faceby age, gender and ethnicity. FaceMixer takes advantage of hardwareacceleration, the high speed of the rendering engine makes itpossible to compute multiple faces at one time and see the finalcomposite in real time. Face Mixer supports most image formatsincluding BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, TGA, PCX, and evenprofessional 32-bit with alpha formats. If you have a webcam or anyvideo device, you can quickly capture some headshots as sourceimages. You can store edited faces in a classified Face Library andthen simply pick up some faces from there for a new composite. Theskinnable user interface is cool in looks, streamlined in function,and a joy to work with…

Here are some key features of “Face Mixer”:
User Interface:
– Window Mode – Standard window with menu bar or skinned windowwith pop-up menu
– Skin – Choose a skin from 3 built-in skins: Vista, Mac, Gray
– Custom Skin – Import FantaFace Mixer Skin Files (.fxs)
– Language – Supports multi-languages
File Format:
– Import – BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PCX, GIF, WMF, EMF, AVI, FME,includes 32-bit with alpha BMP, TIFF, PNG, TGA
– Export Image – BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PCX, GIF includes32-bit with alpha BMP, TIFF, PNG, TGA
– Open – From Open Project dialog with preview; browse all projectsin a folder with preview; from 10 recent projects
– Save – Save a project in fxp format
– Share – Send out all files of a project via email
Load Image:
– Import – From Open File dialog; drag and drop from built-in imageviewer; drag and drop from other applications
– File Edit – Rename a file; Move selected file(s) up or down infile list
– Rotate – Counterclockwise, Clockwise
– Adjustments – Brightness, contrast, red, green, blue
– Capture – Capture a frame from webcam in bmp format
– Continuously Capture – Press Spacebar or Enter key tocontinuously capture a series of frames
– Show – Show live video before capture; show captured image aftercapture
– Settings – Set capture directory; set format and source of videodevice
Edit Face:
– View – Smoothly scale from 12.5% to 800%; mouse wheel scrollingto scale up to 1600%
– Face Detection – Automatically detect all faces in an image
– Detection Size – Set minimum detection size
– Add Face – Manually draw a rectangle marquee to add a face
– Delete Face – Right-click to delete a face
– Align Face – Use pupils, translating, scaling and rotatinghandles to align face template to the face image
– Multiple Faces – Supports editing multiple faces in one image
– Undo/Redo – Allow for all features of editing a face
Edit Dot:
– View – Smoothly scale from 12.5% to 800%; mouse wheel scrollingto scale up to 1600%
– Feature Detection – Automatically detect facial features andplace key dots on appropriate positions
– Dot Style – Customized shape and color
– Align All Dots – Use translating, scaling and rotating handles toalign all key dots to the face image
– Move Dot – Drag & Drop to move a dot
– Move Line – Drag & Drop to move a group of dots connected bythe line
– Undo/Redo – Allow for all features of editing key dots
Face Library:
– Manage Library – Add, delete, rename a directory
– Store Face – Store an edited face image with its key dots to a”face” in fxl format
– Load Face – Directly drag & drop a “face” to a new project tore-use
– Manage Faces – Delete, rename
Face Mixing:
– Real-time Mixing – Mix up in real time by using OpenGL hardwareacceleration
– Size – Matching with source images; 9 fixed size or any customsize
– View – Smoothly scale from 12.5% to 800%, mouse wheel scrollingto scale up to 1600%
– Face Extractor – Crop all faces by an extracting template
– Average – Generate an average face
– Random – Generate various face composite with randomfeature/shape percentage
– Free – Set feature/shape percentage for each face freely
– Value Lock – It is only allowed to adjust unlocked values andlocked values are protected
– Shape Lock – Protect all shape values and make them always equalto corresponding feature percentages
– Candidates – Add a composite to candidates; restore a candidate;delete a candidate; clear all candidates
Add-on Effects:
– Background – Single color; or any chosen image
– Mask – 256 level grayscale bitmap (could use any image to createstrange effect)
– Foreground – 32-bit with alpha image
– Light – 256 level grayscale bitmap; can adjust bright intensityand dark intensity from 0 to 100
– Adjustments – The size and relative position of the images usedfor effects can be adjusted
– Export Composite – Export current composite as a still image
– Export Source + Composite – Export all the faces and thecomposite as still images, a detailed HTML page will also begenerated
– Export Candidates – Export all the candidates as still images
– Export Size – Depends on display card if hardware acceleration isenabled, or up to 16384 x 16384 pixels when hardware accelerationis disabled
– JPEG, Flash Quality – 0 to 100
– Cancel Export – Allowed
– Auto Save Before Export – Automatically save current projectbefore export
– Auto Open after Export – Automatically open resulting file withthe system associated program
– Delete Results – Delete result file(s) directly
– Share Results – Launch default email program to send resultfile(s)
– Diagnose Mixing Capacity – Test preview and export capacities ofyour computer
– Image Viewer – Fast preview all supported format images withthumbnails; supports drag and drop

Installer Size: 7.72 MB

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