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ACD Systems Canvas X GIS 2017 Build 133 x64 Crack


Software Description: ACD Systems Canvas X GIS 2017 Build 133 x64 Cracked

Canvas X is a completely integrated environmentfor illustration, page layout, imaging, presentations, and Webpublishing. Canvas lets you work with vector objects, images, text,and imported graphics without having to switch to otherapplications. Whether you are a beginner or an experienceddesigner, the tools and features in Canvas can make you moreproductive.

As the go-to application of technical illustrators in precisionindustries, Canvas X 2017 comes loaded with the impressive andcomprehensive set of vector object illustration and advanced rasterimage editing tools you need to get the job done,— all provided inone integrated, flexible design environment.

In Manage mode, you can browse, sort, catalog, and find yourimages, and access all the sharing resources you need.

Canvas X 2017 makes sharing your vision with professionalpublications and presentations, and collaborating a piece ofcake.

Canvas X 2017 GIS can handle all your GIS data needs.Import the following GIS specialized fileformats:

– TIFF (GeoTIFF TIFF/World File image, + pixel scale info. &location, in real world coordinates)
– SHP (Shapefile)
– GDB (ESRI File Geodatabase)
– DAT (ASII GIS ShapeFile)
– E00 (ARC/INFO interchange)
– RT1 (Tiger, Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding andReferencing)
– SDTS (USGS Spatial Data Transfer Standard)
– MIF (Mapinfo Data Interchange)
– S57 (International Hydrographic Organization)

– GML (Geography Markup Language)
– Geo JPEG
– Geo JPEG 2000
– Geo BMP (BMP + projection info.)
– Geo PNG (PNG + projection info.)
– Geo GIF (GIF + projection info.)
– GIS Text (TXT file with GIS data)
– GPS Garmin (TXT file containing GPS Garmin data)
– DOQ/NES/SES/NWS/SWS (USGS Digital Orthoquad Files)
– DLG/DO/OPT (DLG-O files)
– GPX (GPS exchange)

Canvas X 2017 GIS also supports export to these GIS specializedformats:
TIFF, SHP, KML, KMZ, Geo JPEG, Geo JPEG 2000, Geo BMP, Geo PNG, GeoGIF, Geospatial PDF, and GIS Text.

Installer Size: 198 MB

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