Thu. Jun 17th, 2021
Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017 v3.0 Crack


Software Description: Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017 v3.0 Keygen Serial

Do you still label your CDs and DVDs with handwritten scribbles?It doesn’t look good but creating good-looking labels is such adrag first you have to figure out a complicated program, then youhave to spend half an hour “designing” something that looks halfwaydecent.
Enter Ashampoo Cover Studio, the new disc label designer foreveryone. It guides you step by step and will have you producinggreat-looking discs, booklets, covers and cases in no time. Justfollow the directions, choose the look you like and print.
The Ashampoo Cover Studio application also supports moderndirect-to-disc printers that eliminate the hassle and fuss ofapplying labels to your discs.
The new Ashampoo Cover Studio comes with a stack of professionalthemes and it can import track and data lists directly from thedisc you want to label. For fast results you can usepoint-and-click design or you can use your own graphics and doeverything your own way.

Here are some key features of “Ashampoo CoverStudio”
– Supports all standard disc, case and booklet and labelformats
– You can design and print printable discs (DVD, CD, Blu-ray),jewel cases, slim cases, Blu-ray cases and booklets.
– Use modern direct-to-disc printers
– Printing directly onto printable discs means no messy labelalignment with special tools.
– Import your track data from your discs
– Reads the track data from your discs directly into pre-formattedtables in your design. Gets the artist and track data online inseconds.
– Point-and-click design with themes
– For fast results just enter or import your title and track data,select a theme and print. That’s all there is to it and the programcomes with a set of great-looking themes.
– Design your own if you want
– If you’re feeling creative you can also create your own designsfrom scratch. Choose and use your own backgrounds, graphics andfonts, create curved text and add data and contents tables.

Installer Size: 26.7 MB

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