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BatchPhoto Pro v4.2 Build 2016.08.18 Crack


Software Description: BatchPhoto Pro v4.2 Build 2016.08.18 + Activation Crack

BatchPhoto Lite is a powerful photomanipulation application that makes it easy to touch-up, annotate,transform, apply effects, and rename hundreds of photos in a singleoperation.
Resize pictures by specifying the new dimensions either in pixelsor percentages and the desired compression level. BatchPhoto knowsif your photos are in portrait or landscape orientation, andapplies your changes intelligently.

Scanners and digital cameras assign meaningless names to yourpictures. BatchPhoto lets you rename all of these filesmeaningfully. You can incorporate any text into your file names,sequentially number them, add date/time information (when the photowas taken), and more. EXIF data stored in the original photos ispreserved in the processed ones.
BatchPhoto is not limited to resizing and renaming pictures, it isa powerful photo manipulation program that makes it easy totouch-up, annotate, transform, apply effects, and rename hundredsof photos in a single operation!

Here are some key features of “BatchPhoto Pro”:
–  Annotate: Add Comments, Date&Time, Text Watermarks, andImage Watermarks;
–  Touch-Up: Adjust Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, Colors,Reduce Noise, and more;
–  Transform: Resize Photos, Create Thumbnails, Rotate, Crop,and more;
–  Effects: Apply Sepia, Black & White, Charcoal Sketch,Oil Paint, Shade, Swirl, and more.
–  Rename photos with meaningful names;
–  Convert pictures from one image format to another (morethan 100 image formats supported);
–  Apply profiles on multiple pictures with the right mouseclick directly from Windows Explorer;
–  Use projects and profiles to improve your productivity;
–  Take advantage of accurate previews for both the originaland the enhanced photos.

Installer Size: 33.46 MB

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