Wed. Dec 8th, 2021
CyberLink MakeupDirector Ultra v1.0.0721.0 Crack


Software Description: CyberLink MakeupDirector Deluxe v2.0.1827.62005 + Full Crack

Designed with the Makeup Artist in mind,MakeupDirector’s front line digital makeuptechnology and facial detection render flawlessly realistic virtualmakeup. MakeupDirector paves a new way to speed up your creativeprocess in making beautiful makeup art with an extensive library ofcolor palettes, and styles that are easy to apply onto photos ofmodels or clients so you can know what works!

Precise Mapping
At its core, MakeupDirector’s leading face mapping technology isthe foundation of realistic virtual makeup. Facial features areprecisely mapped yet can be fine-tuned with customizedadjustments.

Realistic Makeup Kit
Includes a massive collection of makeup colors and styles for theface, eyes, lips and more. Mix and match to create unlimitedpossibilities that are true-to-life.

Instant Looks & Hair Colors
Comes with a library of Natural and Costume looks. Expand thelibrary by downloading more looks from Beauty Circle. Easily changehair colors to create the complete style you envision.

Easy to use
MakeupDirector is extremely easy to use. Clear representation ofcolors and styles that can be easily selected and fine-tuned forcustomized looks.

Pixel Perfect
Support for high resolution images, lets you work on biggerscreens, tend to greater details and produce top quality makeuplooks to share with clients.

Increased productivity
MakeupDirector lets you experiment with makeup looks just by usingclients’ photos. Easily create realistic makeup looks to share andconsult on bigger screens.

Create and Share
MakeupDirector is all you need to design new looks. You can alsoshare your looks on Beauty Circle, a community of beautyenthusiasts around the world.

Download Looks
Download looks you love from Beauty Circle – a growing community ofbeauty lovers who share everything from makeup, nail art to fashionand beauty.

Beauty Apps
Enjoy makeup on the move with the best beauty mobile apps. All thelooks created on MakeupDirector and YouCam Makeup can be mutuallyshared.

Radiant Skin
Make every face perfect with skin smoothening to remove wrinkles,blemish, shine, eye bags and red eye removal.

Perfect Smile
Give the lips an upward lift to create a subtle smile. Comes withtools to whiten teeth for the perfect smile.

Lovely Shape
Get extra pounds off with easy slider to reshape faces for aslimmer look. Enlarge the eyes too for added attraction.

Installer Size: 173 X 170 MB

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