Mon. Apr 19th, 2021
EFICAD Swood 2015 SP8 x64 Crack


Software Description: EFICAD Swood 2015 SP8 x64 + Full Crack

EFICAD is a French software editor invested in CAD CAM solutionsfor wood industry for more than 25 years. Initially based on awell-known 2D platform, EFICAD decided to move its woodworkingknowledge to a 3D modeler and has made the choice of SOLIDWORKS themost intuitive and ease-of-use platform. The integration ofEFICAD’s experience into SOLIDWORKS resulted in EFICADSwood, CAM and Nesting.

With SOLIDWORKS and SWOOD, you get an intuitive 3D CAD systemthat combines ease-of-use with powerful modeling capabilities whilecovering the wood industry needs. SWOOD Designhelps to design faster introducing shortcuts for connectors,edge-banding and materials management. It also brings acustomizable library of components that can adapt a boxenvironment, a unique feature called “SWOOD Box” useful forshelves, drawers and doors insertion by drag and drop.SWOOD CAM, for its part, deal with the productiondocuments and CNC programs. SWOOD CAM is thought to manage nativelythe woodworking routers technologies. For instance, it can manageand encode worktable but also generate trajectories up to 5 axis oroptimize drillings using a multi-spindle head. Its uniqueintegration inside SOLIDWORKS allows SWOOD CAM programs definitionto be fully associative with 3D models and directly embedded intoSOLIDWORKS files. Nesting is also available into SOLIDWORKS and isdirectly based on 3D parts. Because of our long experience andcollaboration with the different CNC brand, a lot ofpost-processors have already been developed. 4 years only after itsinternational introduction, SWOOD has convinced end-users in morethan 20 countries. Be sure that the most highly trusted CADplatform coupled with our woodworking dedicated features willsuggest you new perspective.

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