Sun. Sep 26th, 2021
FotoBeschriften v6.6.1.447 Crack


Software Description: FotoBeschriften v6.6.1.447 Crack

FotoBeschriften is an efficient softwaresolution whose main purpose is to offer you the ability of applyingfun labels on all your favorite pictures, with minimal effort. Theprogram developed from the need to provide photos with decorativelabels with different design possibilities. The program is verycompact. One dosnt only have to go on several windows or menulevels or move again and again by lining up several steps with newsurfaces and selections toward result.

Here are some key features of”FotoBeschriften”
– FotoBeschriften is custom-made and not burdening by redundantfunctionality
– One does not only have to sketch oneself effective graphicdesigns
– One does not only have to look in endless menus for suitabletools
– One does not only need to learn the use of complex tools
– Few adjustment steps lead already to success
– With user-defined styles super fast for effective labeling
– Also with extreme aspects ratio the borders are shownundistorted
– With terminating-of the program all design parameters up to thenext start are held
– The results are easily reproducible
– The picture can be cut optimized to the format of the photopaper
– The texts can be positioned effectively
– It exists an expressive preview function in the full screenmode
– FotoBeschriften possesses a astounding fast help function
– The dialog language can be switched directly between German andEnglish

Installer Size: 7.9 MB

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