Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
Garden Planner v3.6.12 Crack


Software Description: Garden Planner v3.6.12 Full Crack

Garden Planner is a fun program that you canuse to design the garden of your dreams, complete with plants,trees and other items. It can seamlessly handled, even by lessexperienced users.

The interface of the application is professional-looking andintuitive; you can start a new project from scratch, or use one ofthe sample plans – deck and lawn, small garden with pool, hedgegarden with fountain, or terrace garden.

So, you can insert objects which are found in numerouscategories, such as ‘Trees’, ‘Shrubs and Plants’, ‘Flowers’,’Ground Cover’, ‘Buildings’, ‘Walls and Fences’, ‘Herbs’, and’Symbols’.

Each of these items is completely customizable when it comes to thename, size, rotation, colors and locking mode.

In addition, you can use tools to design several styles of paths,garden beds, walls and fences, paving, pools and ponds, gravel andstone, edges and hoses, just to name a few. These include lines,curves, shapes and freehand.

Furthermore, you can rotate, resize and duplicate objects, bringitems to the front or send them to the back, add labels, enableshadows, maximize the grid, as well as use the undo and redofunctions. In ‘Preview’ mode, you can make a print plan byselecting which types of objects to include, along with numbers.Plus, you can export the project as a JPEG or PNG image of a customsize.

In ‘Notebook’ mode, you can view statistics of all the availableitems in your project, such as the total number, quantity, name andsize of shrubs and plants. This list can be saved as a plain textdocument or table (CSV). Other features of Garden Planner let youimport images into the plan, zoom in and out, and change themeasurement unit.

The graphic editing program requires a high amount of systemresources, has a good response time and includes a help manual. Wehaven’t come across any problems during our tests; Garden Plannerdid not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Although the appcomes with plenty of features, first-time users can easily figureout how to work with Garden Planner, thanks to its intuitivelayout.

• Very easy to use interface
• Save and Load your own designs.
• Use a wide range of generic plant shapes to design your garden,so you dont need to be a botanist to use it
• Produce a professional looking print out of your plan
• Use tools to quickly create paving, fences and paths.
• Generate a report of all the plants and objects in yourgarden
• Create a library of custom plants

Installer Size: 99.1 MB

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