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GiliSoft Video Watermark Removal Tool v2018.02.11 Crack


Software Description: GiliSoft Video Watermark Removal Tool v2018.02.11 Crack Patch

Video Watermark Removal Tool is ideal for thosetimes when you have a really nice video but it’s marred by awatermark or time stamp because it is able to remove text overlaysand logos from videos. Remove watermarks from video, as well asunwanted subtitles and text overlays in a matter of seconds withthe help of this Video Watermark Removal Tool. You will no logerwonder how to remove watermark from video without leaving a signletrace. Video Watermark Removal Tool is designed for video watermarkremoval and it supports a variety of formats so you do not need toinstall any additional codecs.

Video Watermark Removal Tool uses a unique feature that enablesusers to quickly identify the portion of the video which containsthe logo. As this function is quite easy to use, previousexperience is not generally necessary. And it is possible to choosea file or folder to load, to segregate the specific area forediting and to see the effects before the resulting output issaved.

Remove Watermark from Video
The tool enables you to improve the image in a video file, byremoving watermark insertions, such as logos, signatures orsubtitles in order to enjoy watching the video/movie without beingdistracted by the logo on the screen.

Best Watermark Remover
The best video inpainting software- Free Video Watermark RemovalTool is the brand new tool to remove any watermark from your videowith a few easy steps, no more hard editing!

Batch Processing Watermaks
In some video, there are multiple watermarks, which appear indifferent or same time range. You can use this tool to batchremoving each watermark.

Batch Processing Videos
If you have lot of videos (even different video formats) need toremove watermarks, this tool also can help you batch processing thevideos.

Read Almost All Video Files
The video watermark removal tool can read almost all the popularvideo formats include H265 video format and more formats from theInternet,etc.

Export to Original Video Formats
There is no need to care for a video format with a watermark, andthe original video format will be retained after the watermark isremoved from video.

Add Text Watermark to Video
Text Watermark is a pretty effective way to declare the ownershipof these videos. This tool help you putting text/words (like date,author name, copyright info, copyright symbol, etc) on video.

Add Image Watermark to Video
If you are videographer, video author,it is important to add imagewith personal info and logo to videos before upload them to sharingwebsites, which could be effective way to prevent others fromcopying and using your video without your authorization.

Add Video Watermark to Video
Picture-in-Picture (PiP), also called video overlay, is a featureof some televisions and other video devices where one video isdisplayed full-screen at the same time that another video isdisplayed on top of it in a smaller window.

Add Shape Watermark
Often, one needs to add an element to “call out” a person, orobject in the video. Add shape watermark to video to call attentionto the person, or object, but one way is to just add an “arrow,”pointing to that person/object.

Installer Size: 36.4 MB

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