Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023
ICL-Icon Extractor v5.14 Crack


Software Description: ICL-Icon Extractor v5.14 Cracked

ICL-Icon Extractor is a fully-fledged tool forsearching and extracting icons from files, folders, icon libraries,archives, or web collections. Added to this is an ability toextract and save Windows Vista icons. ICL-Icon Extractor extractsicons from ICO, CUR, ANI, EXE, ICL, DLL, SCR, IL, NIL, DCR, RES,OCX, and other libraries.

Extracted icons are stored along with their source informationin special ICC icon collections, where they can be easily sorted,located, and viewed in a variety of display modes, including 16×16,32×32, 48×48, Monochrome, 16 Colors, 256 Colors, or True Color.

The program allows you to export icons to ICO, PNG, JPG, CUR, GIF,XPM and BMP formats, archive icons in ZIP files, delete duplicateicons and split icon libraries into individual icon files.
ICL-Icon Extractor also offers you a pain-free way to customize thelook of your Windows desktop with new icons of your choice. Iconcustomization is done from the Customize Windows Icons dialog,which is faster and handier than using the standard Windowsmethod.
You can easily change icons of the desktop, start menu, drives, andfolders. Additionally, you can change icon size and icon colordepth, set space between icons, all in one click.
The program has a classic, one-window interface where all commandsand operations can be easily located on the toolbar when you needthem. Icons are displayed in the main window with the detailedinformation about their source, format, and number. Thanks to thesimple interface architecture, you can start working with theprogram in seconds without the need to learn a detailedhelp-file.

Here are some key features of “ICL-IconExtractor”:
– Quickly and efficiently scan files, folders or even entire drivesfor icon images
– Download icons from the Internet
– Extract icon images from ICO, CUR, ANI, EXE, ICL, DLL, SCR, IL,NIL, DCR, RES, OCX, VBX, DPL, BPL and other libraries
– Extract icon images from ZIP and RAR archives
– Extract and save Windows Vista icons
– Store icons that you found in special ICC icon collection formatwith icon source information
– Sort icons inside collections
– Split icon libraries into individual icon files
– Customize standard Windows icons
– Rebuild and repair the icon cache

Installer Size: 5.85 MB

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