Wed. Dec 8th, 2021
iMachining v2.0.2 for Siemens PLM NX 8.5-12.0 x64 Crack


Software Description: iMachining v2.0.2 for Siemens PLM NX 8.5-12.0 x64 + Full Crack

iMachining is an intelligent high speed millingtechnology, designed to produce fast and safe CNC programs tomachine your mechanical parts with first part success performance.The word fast meaning significantly faster than traditionalmachining at its best and the word safe meaning without the risk ofbreaking tools or subjecting the machine to excessive wear, allwhile maximizing tool life.

To achieve these goals, the iMachining technology uses advanced,patented algorithms to generate smooth tangent tool paths, coupledwith matching conditions, that together keep the mechanical andthermal load on the tool constant, while cutting thin chips at highcutting speeds and deeper than standard cuts (up to 4 timesdiameter).

iMachining Highlights:
– iMachining – with its unique patented “morphing spirals”,intelligent island separation and moating, achieves the shortestcycle times in any industry – in any material, on any machine.

– The cutting angle constantly adjusts between a minimum and amaximum value, while the feed is dynamically adjusted to ensureconstant mechanical and thermal load on the tool – providing youwith the longest tool life at the highest Material Removal Rate(MRR) possible.

– Since spirals have higher MRR than Trochoidal tool paths,iMachining utilizes various, patented strategies that enable it touse spirals much more often than Trochoidals.

– iMachining automatically reduces vibrations to prevent excessivetool wear and also decreases the likelihood of forming temporarythin walls that often lead to costly tool damage.

– Using advanced rest material knowledge, iMachining maintains thehighest level of cutting tool engagement by avoiding “air-cuts” andrepositioning moves.

– The iMachining Technology Wizard provides automatic, optimal feedand speed values for different materials and CNC machines to ensure“first-cut” success.

Installer Size: 542 MB

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