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ISD HiCAD & HELiOS 2018 x64 Crack


Software Description: ISD HiCAD & HELiOS 2018 x64 Crack

HiCAD is a 2-D/3-D CAD solution for mechanicalengineering, plant engineering, sheet metal processing, steelengineering and metal engineering as well as for hybrid projectsinvolving various industries. The PDM systemHELiOS is the central “knowledge reservoir” ofyour company. It provides you with a multitude of powerful documentand process management functions for an efficient gathering,management and sharing of data.

HiCAD – CAD for all-rounders andspecialists
Whether mechanical engineering, plant engineering, sheet metalprocessing, steel or metal engineering – each industry has its own,specific requirements. With HiCAD we can provide you with a uniqueall-in-one solution allowing a fast and efficient development ofproducts in 2-D, 3-D and for any industry. Even cross-sectoralprojects involving different industries can be realisedeffortlessly.   

Thanks to its Hybrid Technology for the realisation of complex,cross-sectoral projects, HiCAD is the only CAD system in the worldthat does not only offer combined designing in 2-D and 3-D, butalso the complete range of industry and product data managementfunctions within one system, thus covering all crucial fields ofengineering: Mechanical engineering, plant engineering, sheet metalprocessing, turnkey solutions for steel engineering, glass, metaland facade engineering. This enormous range was made possible byour self-developed software kernel, which provides the basis forinnovative 2-D and 3-D CAD technologies throughout all fields ofindustry. With HiCAD you will therefore be ideally equipped foryour future projects, no matter how complex they are.

HELiOS – The PDM/PLM system for safe corporateprocesses
Today, product data and document management (PDM), as well as thesafety and traceability of processes play an essential role inenterprises throughout all branches of industry. Products arecreated in working environments where complex dependencies, hugeamounts of data and decisions of many departments have to be takeninto account. In addition, the knowledge that is created in thecourse of the product lifecycle does often not only originate fromvarious departments of your company, such as Engineering, Sales,Production or Marketing, but also from locations outside of yourcompany, which can be distributed all over the world.

HELiOS, our software solution for Product Data Management (PDM),enables an effortless handling of even the largest amounts of data.State-of-the-art PDM functions ensure a safe management andproductive use of the corporate knowledge. Whether E-mails,production drawings or various documentation – all data anddocuments created during the product development process arecentrally managed and are readily available at any time. Processessuch as access rights control, version control, documentdistribution, work instructions, order transactions etc. can becontrolled with HELiOS in a safe and precise manner. In this way,the communication across departments and locations can be improvedsignificantly – with positive effects on the complete productdevelopment process.

Installer Size: 3564 MB

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