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Nevercenter Silo v2.5.2 x64 Professional Crack


Software Description: Nevercenter Silo v2.5.2 x64 Professional Cracked

Silo is a focused 3D modeling application withthe ability to effortlessly switch between organically sculptinghigh-polygon models and precisely controlling hard-edged surfaces.It can be used for anything from creating 3D characters for videogames and movies to quickly exploring 3D architectural ideas.

Silo brings 3D modeling zen to artists via a clean, focusedenvironment and a streamlined toolset, honed over years ofdevelopment. It was initially born of our own frustration with theneedless complexity and slow, unmanageable workflows of all-in-onegraphics software. We single-mindedly devoted Silo to modeling,discovering that the modeling workflow could be made much simplerwithout sacrificing any power. This unique approach has attractedin equal number students, hobbyists, and professional artists infilm, games, architecture, and other fields looking to maximizetheir production.

Zen Workflow
Silo’s careful design and its focus on pure modeling allows it tohave a free, uncluttered feeling which is simply not possible inlarger applications. Whether you are working to precisespecifications or sketching out your thoughts, it is much easier todo so in a calm, focused modeling environment. This benefitsprofessionals who are coming to Silo to escape slower, more complexsoftware. It also benefits hobbyists and students, who are able tolearn everything they need without having to deal with anythingthey don’t need.

File Formats
Silo supports import and export of .sia, .sib, .obj, .3ds, .dxf,and .fac, as well as the export only of .stl, .pov, and .rib.

Advanced Polygonal Modeling
Silo offers a comprehensive set of interactive, context-sensitivetools for rapid polygonal modeling. The workflow is focused onhaving a few powerful, intelligent tools, rather than a separatecommand or option for every conceivable function. Additionally,”sticky key” functionality allows tools to behave differently if ahotkey is held down. Key modeling tools include Break, Tweak, Cut,Bevel, Slide, Scale, Extrude, Polygon Tool, Edge Tool, unlimitedUndo and Redo, and more. Modeling can be performed with or withoutmanipulators, including the Universal Manipulator which combinesrotate, scale, and translate into a single manipulator.

Comprehensive Selection Tools
Robust selection tools are the key to great modeling, and a quicklook at the Selection menu shows Silo’s development has focusedheavily on this area. Some highlights? Multi Select mode allowsusers to select vertices, edges and faces without changingselection modes. Tweak selection allows a user to grab, move, anddeselect a component with a single click. That and many other toolswork with Soft Selection, which smoothly distributes changesthroughout a shape. Paint, Area, and Lasso selection types aresupported. Select Visible and Select Thru functions are bothavailable – by default, use the left mouse button for SelectVisible commands, and the middle mouse button for Select Thru. Aseparate Undo is available for cycling through recentselections.

Subdivision Surfaces
Subdivision surfaces offer a smooth, high polygon shape, and areeasily accessible in Silo. Using default shortcuts, simply press cto subdivide as many levels as you want, and v to unsubdivide.Modeling can be performed in real time at any subdivision levelwith updates shown directly on the subdivided shape. Edges can becreased to keep them sharp at all subdivision levels.

Unparalleled Customization
Designed to fit into any pipeline, Silo is the most customizablemodeler available. That includes complete customization of themouse, keyboard, and graphical interface, allowing it to closelyemulate other applications a user may be familiar with, or performtasks (such as assigning up to 40 different commands to a typicalmouse with keyboard modifiers) which no other application can.Favorite tricks include assigning undo/redo, grow/shrink selection,and to the scrollwheel, or simply putting frequently used commandson the right mouse button with modifiers. Silo’s button pages allowusers to create their own multi-page interfaces, and assign anycommand to any image. The interface and color scheme are alsohighly customizable. Customizations can be easily imported,exported, and shared. Even the Primitives menu can be customizedwith frequently used models or settings.

Advanced UV Editing
Silo offers multiple types of unwrapping, including LSCM, PlanarRegion, XYZ, Per Face, and By Neighbors, which heals UVs based onthe UVs based on the surrounding area. Different unwrapping methodscan even be used on parts of the same mesh for optimal results. UVsare preserved during modeling operations, so modeling and UVediting can be freely interchanged with little to no cleanup. (Thisis particularly useful when a last-minute modeling change needs tobe made to a “finished” model.) Clutter is significantly reduced byallowing regular geometry editing tools (such as Break, Merge,Tweak, Slide, and Soft Selection) to be used to edit UVs whereverit makes sense. Even the displacement brushes, particularly theSmooth brush, are very useful when applied to smoothing outUVs.

Displacement Painting
Finally, brush-based displacement painting has been well-integratedinto a traditional modeling environement. Silo’s brushes integrateseamlessly with the rest of the modeling toolset. If the model issubdivided, the brushes will affect the subdivided shape directly,otherwise they will affect regular geometry. As with UVs,displacement is preserved where possible during modeling changes,so the brushes can be used alongside other tools as the modeldevelops, rather than solely at the end of the process. Painting issmooth and natural, and works well with tablets. Displacement mapsand normal maps can be generated and exported from any subdivisionlevel, or even from two completely separate objects.

With the popularity of displacement painting in Silo and otherapplications, as well as the common usage of 3d scanners, modelersare frequently asked to create a new, well-formed model with ahigh-poly shape for reference. This process is frequently known asretopologization, and Silo’s Topology Tool provides an innovativesolution by allowing users to directly draw new topology onto anobject using a pen-like tool. Silo also offers Surface Snapping,which effectively turns every tool into a topology tool by snappingedited geometry to an underlying shape, and the Surface Tool, whichallows users to quickly in interactively draw out and tweak stripsof polygons.

Scene Editor
Complex Scenes can be easily managed in Silo via the Scene Editor,which displays the scene in a tree-like structure and allowslayer-like editing of objects and groups. Selection, display mode,locking, and visibility can all be quickly modified from theeditor.

Numerical Editor
Silo offers precise numerical control of the position, rotation,scale, size, distance, and angle of selected geometry via theNumerical Editor.

Three powerful snapping modes are available in Silo. Grid snappingsnaps to the customizable workgrid, Component snapping snaps to thevertices, edges, and faces of an object, and Surface snappingsmoothly snaps to the surface of unselected objects. These snappingmodes affect nearly all geometry editing commands.

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