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Noesis Optimus v10.19 Build 2017.04.18 x64 Crack


Software Description: Noesis Optimus v10.19 Build 2017.04.18 x64 Full Crack

Optimus is the industry-leading ProcessIntegration and Design Optimization (PIDO) software platform,bundling a powerful range of capabilities for Engineering ProcessIntegration, Design Space Exploration, Engineering Optimization andRobustness & Reliability. These PIDO technologies help directengineering simulations toward design candidates that outsmartcompetition while taking into account all relevant designconstraints – effectively implementing an Objectives DrivenEngineering process. Optimus users report design time savingsaveraging over 30%, while achieving 10% or more design performanceimprovements.
This application demonstrates how to set-up, solve and post-processa Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) problem withOptimus. The aim of the example is to provide an end-to-endtutorial that demonstrates the use of Optimus.

Optimus Mission
Optimus is a flexible and responsive design environment that can beused by every CAE engineer. It can used to evaluate many moredesign alternatives than was possible until now, to improve productcharacteristics and quickly prototype complex products based onComputer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulations.

Optimus provides the ability to first capture and automatesimulation based workflows and to generate, analyze, explore andtrack Design Alternatives. With Optimus an engineer can automatethe running of design simulation tools, from Geometry definition tospecialized product simulation programs. Providing the workflowautomation a user with the use of intelligent design drivers canthen generate new product designs and gain insight in the designparameters that drive the several design attributes.

A vendor-neutral open platform
As an entirely vendor-neutral PIDO platform, Optimus provides anopen architecture to communicate with any engineering software,including the capability to deal with any file syntax. Besidesprotecting the investments companies have made in legacy codes andmodels (safeguarding their future use within the organization),Optimus enables them to deploy an ‘Engineer by Objectives’ strategyirrespective of the engineering software that is actually beingused.

​Industry-proven technologies
Optimus’ industry-proven, state-of-the-art design space explorationand engineering optimization methods are a critical enabler of asuccessful Objectives Driven Engineering process deployment. Itsmethods and technologies have clearly demonstrated the capabilityto successfully deal with diverse real-world applications – withimplementations at various customers sites that include tens oflicenses used on a daily basis.

Robust deployment
The robustness of Optimus’ methods is equally important. Highlyrobust numerical optimization algorithms should not requireexcessive manual parameter specifications to start the process andperform the job successfully. This is where Optimus really excels.Using Optimus, engineering teams work with robust algorithms andare therefore far more efficient, benefiting from a shorterlearning curve.

Effective decision support tools
Optimus’ intuitive and flexible post-processing functions areneeded to turn large engineering data sets into information thatsupports design decisions. Effective decision tools not only makeit easier to eliminate non-influential design parameters andidentify best design tradeoffs, but will also facilitatecommunication between engineering teams and management.

Installer Size: 401 MB

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