Wed. Nov 30th, 2022
NUMECA HEXPRESS/Hybrid v5.2 x64 Crack


Software Description: NUMECA HEXPRESS/Hybrid v5.2 x64 Crack

HEXPRESS™/Hybrid is the latest of NUMECA’smeshing tools designed for meshing complex geometries starting fromunclean CAD data.

The tool produces unstructured hex-dominant conformal meshes inparallel, including high quality viscous layers. The integratedautomatic wrapping technology and the HoleSearcher allow the userto avoid the time spent on CAD cleaning and repairing, thussignificantly reducing the engineering time spent on the generationof a mesh.

Key features include:
– Mesh arbitrarily complex shapes: internal/external, CFD & FEMgrids
– Full edge capturing on user request
– Robust and integrated CAD cleaning and hole closing
– Small gaps and overlaps automatically resolved
– Large gaps detected and closed with the HoleSearcher
– Details in the geometry are captured according to user-specifiedlevel of refinement
– Full Parallel Meshing (SMP shared memory)
– Batch or Interactive GUI-fully scriptable
– Flexible viscous layers  insertion with smoothtransition
– Volume mesh, pure Tets, pure Hex or Hybrid
– Mesh deformation
– Meshing of multiple volumes with coincident node in one step
– Can mesh thin-surfaces (heatshields, exhaust pipes, etc).

Installer Size: 536 MB

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