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Photo Stamp Remover v9.1 Crack


Software Description: Photo Stamp Remover v9.0 Keygen Serial

Photo Stamp Remover is a photo correctionutility that can remove scratches, dust, stains, wrinkles, tears,date stamps and other unwanted artifacts that appear onphotographs. Offering a fully automatic process, the program usesan intelligent restoration technology to fill the selected areawith the texture generated from the pixels around the selection, sothat the defect blends into the rest of the image naturally. Whattakes hours to correct using the clone tool, can be accomplished ina minute using Photo Stamp Remover.
Photo Stamp Remover is a watermark remover that can removescratches, dust, stains, wrinkles, tears, date stamps and otherunwanted artifacts that appear on photographs. With Photo StampRemover, you can restore photos with the minimum of fuss.

Remove unwanted artifacts from new photos:
Using Photo Stamp Remover, you can erase cleanly unwanted artifactslike date stamps, watermarks, logos and undesirable objects. Faceand skin imperfections, such as wrinkles, acne, and tattoos can becleaned up too. The area with the removed artifact is filled withautomatically generated texture. So, the photo looks natural, as ifit had always looked like this.

Rejuvenate old photos:
Most families have hundreds of photos that they would like topreserve for a lifetime of enjoyment. Unfortunately, many of themsit in albums, books, or lay loose in boxes, getting scratches andaccumulating dirt. Fortunately, there’s Photo Stamp Remover. Justscan photos into the computer and use the watermark remover toclean up scratches, cracks, and dust spots.

Remove defects with a mouse click:
With Photo Stamp Remover, you can restore photos with the minimumof fuss. Just open a photo in the program, select the area thatneeds to be restored and click Preview. If you like what you see,click Start. That’s basically all you need to do. Using itsadvanced restoration algorithm, the program removes theimperfection automatically. Defects blend into the backgroundcleanly.

Remove artifacts by color:
You can select the unwanted artifact manually or select the colorand watermark remover will remove the artifact that has the samecolor. For example, it can help you to remove from a photographtext and date stamps that have the same, solid black color.

Retouch more than one photo:
With its batch mode support, watermark remover enables you toprocess more than one photo at a time. For example, you can removea date stamp, which your camera left on several photos. Simplydefine the area where the stamp is located and begin the healingprocess. Photo Stamp Remover will remove the date stamp on allphotos automatically while you’re sipping your coffee.

No need to install large photo editors:
Photo Stamp Remover is primarily aimed at everyday, casual cameraowners who just want to remove some imperfections from photoswithout having to buy a more feature-rich photo editing suite andmess around with its user manual to get started.

Installer Size: 10 MB

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