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Photolemur v2.2.1.1513 x64 Crack


Software Description: Photolemur v2.2.1.1513 x64 + Full Crack

Social networks usually encourage you to take a lot of pictures,which end up for the majority of individuals to see. This means youmight want to apply effects or fine-tune certain regions, but theprocess can be a little time-consuming. In this regard,Photolemur comes as an automatic enhancer to getthe most out of a photo with a few mouse clicks.
The world’s first automated photo enhancement solution for Windowsusing image recognition, artificial intelligence, and a little bitof real-world magic. Photolemur automatically knows how to createimages that wow.Photolemur has 12 smart technologies that help itto automatically analyze and adjust all the various elements ofyour photos – faces, objects, sky, and everything in between – toachieve the perfect result.

Unlimited batch enhancement
Let Photolemur help you with all sizes and amounts of photos. Onesimple operation will instantaneously transform any volume ofimages. Your memories are as precious as your time.

Perfect all your photos with just one touch.
Photolemur automatically knows how to create images that wow. Itanalyzes and adjusts all the various elements of your photos -faces, objects, sky, and everything in between – to achieve theperfect result.

Effortless editing!
Photolemur proves that creating beautiful photos can be fun andeasy instead of complex and time-consuming. Simply load your photosin & reap the amazing results.

it’s a fantastic new technology!
Photolemur has 12 smart technologies that help it to automaticallyanalyze and adjust your photos. From faces and objects to colors,horizons, and the sky, it understands it all. And it works its techmagic from there.

With simplicity in mind
It couldn’t be any simpler: You drag one photo or a bunch, dropthem into Photolemur, and it takes care of the rest. All you haveto do is sit back and enjoy the magnificent results.

Social Integrations
Photolemur makes your social media posting easier. The newPhotolemur is integrated with a list of the most popular socialmedia platforms so that you can post your amazing photos straightfrom Photolemur to your social media account without no extrawork.

Can process an impressive variety of pictureformats.
The first time the application runs you’re taken through a seriesof instructions which briefly explain what’s about to happen. Evenso, the entire operation is incredibly intuitive, with a new windowshowing up for each different step, taking only a couple of minutesfrom start to end, making it quite fast.
As the initial window suggests, you get started by droppingpictures of interest over the dedicated area, or using the browsedialog to select them. File support is impressive, and you’re ableto process images under formats like BMP, DIB, JPG, JPEG, JPE, JIF,JFIF, JP2, J2K, JPF, PNG, PSD, TIFF, and RAW.

Automatic enhancement and possibility to shareonline
As soon as it’s done processing the picture it displays it in agenerous section. A vertical slider is used to analyze thedifference between the original and new image. The whole operationis automatic, and it could have used at least a few basic colorcontrol or effect management options

The last step of the process is to decide what becomes of the newimage. It can be uploaded to Facebook or Twitter, but you can alsojust save it on your computer under formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, orPDF.

Installer Size: 237 MB

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