Wed. Dec 8th, 2021
Pixel Repair v0.6.9.691 Portable Crack


Software Description: Pixel Repair v0.6.9.691 Portable Crack Serial

With this little tool, you can detect and fix stuck pixels onflat LCD screens. It won’t bring completely dead (i.e. black)pixels back to life, but it should work if they’re just stuck on aparticular color. Many tools like this can be found all over theinternet, but we could not find a tool with all the functions inone. Therefore, an adequate application was created, calledRizonesoft Pixel Repair.

Before we continue with what you can do with PixelRepair, let us start with what you cannot do. First ofall, you can only attempt to repair stuck pixels and it will notrepair dead pixels. Secondly, it will not work every time either.No miracles here boys and girls.

You can use the ‘Dead pixel locator’ section on ‘Pixel Repair’ tolook for dead or stuck pixels. You can also use this section tohelp you find dirty little spots and dust when you clean yourscreen (Because dust does not show on all colors). Now, afteryou’ve located stuck pixels, try to repair them with this tool. Setthe color mode, press go and place the flashy window thingy underthe stuck pixel. Sometimes this unsticks that pixel, but as statedbefore, not always.

Installer Size: 2.1 MB

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