Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021
PolySmoother v2.1.0 Crack


Software Description: PolySmoother v2.1.0 + Crack

PolySmoother is a tool to work with SmoothingGroups. It allows you to preview the model Smoothing Groups withdifferent colors, select, modify and optimize them in an easy andquick way. It also features functions to preview Hard, Shared andOpen edges to quickly identify them.
3ds Max uses Smoothing Groups to create hard/soft edges betweenpolygons, by splitting/combining vertex normals. When neighboringpolygons do not share the same Smoothing Group, this creates a hardedge tween them.

What’s New in Version 2.1.0:
– NEW Select Edges by Convexity now can select both Concave andConvex Edges
– New optional Angle Range can be provided to Select Edges byConvexity
– NEW Send Smoothing Groups to a new Edit Poly Modifier
– NEW Check for Updates
– Improved code to work with Referenced nodes
– Added icons to Select Edge by Convexity buttons
– Fixed “blinking” dialog when opening PolySmoother
– Fixed bug in random seed
– Changed Clean up undo stack when PolySmoother is disabled
– UI redesign

Installer Size: 1

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