Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021
Reality for Poser v4.2.0 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: Reality for Poser v4.2.0 x86/x64 Crack

Reality is the most advanced rendering solutionfor creating photo-realistic images right from DAZ Studio orPoser.
With Reality you gain unsurpassed physical accuracy, a workflowthat is tailored for the 3D artist, and the ability to render yourimage without blocking DAZ Studio or Poser.
Not to mention the ability to change lights and exposureinteractively, while the render runs.

Why settle for anything less?
Astonishing Realism
Step outside the world of fake lights, fake materials andfake-looking results. With Reality 4 you gain access tophysically-accurate materials and lights. Metal and glass are noweasy to render at photo-realistic levels. Light is emulated usingphysically-accurate formulas thanks to the integration of LuxRendertechnology.

Seamless Integration
Whether you use Poser or DAZ Studio, Reality is ready at any timeto give you astounding results. All materials, lights and cameraparameters automatically converted and available in a simple, yetpowerful User Interface that integrates perfectly with both Poserand DAZ Studio

Extensive Documentation
Reality comes with full documentation that includes examples, videotutorials and full reference information. The Reality User’s Guidehas been praised by thousands of users as one of the best examplesof documenting software. 

The best realism possible for DAZ Studio and Poser with theeasiest, most enjoyable workflow. Nothing else comes close.
Reality is a rendering solution that extends DAZ Studio and Poserproviding the most advanced Physics-Based Rendering system in themarket.
Reality has built-in physics-based materials. At any time you knowwhat kind of material your editing.

Rendering without limits
Reality renders your scene via an external app, so that you can goback to Studio or Poser while the image renders in the background.You can continue making changes to your scene as much as you want,or even start a new scene. You can also stop the render and restartit hours later and it will resume exactly from where it wasstopped. This is rendering without limits.

No “spaghetti” shaders
Ever looked at a node system and got discouraged by its complexity?We understand the feeling. There are no nodes in Reality, nounwieldy list of parameters. Reality materials are simple. They useless technical terms and few properties. You still get all thepower of an advanced material editor, just without the aggravationof those other systems.

Change the light intensity while rendering
Ever found that you spent minutes waiting for a render just to findout that one light needed adjusting? With Reality you can make thatcorrection on the spot, while the image is rendering. Thanks to thepower of LuxRender you can change intensity and color of the lightswhile the image is still rendering. The same for the overallbrightness of the image. No need to re-render.

Installer Size: 168 + 176 MB

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