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S-FRAME Product Suite 2017 Crack


Software Description: S-FRAME Product Suite 2017 + Activation Crack

Trusted by thousands of structural engineers worldwide for over30 years, S-FRAME is the design and analysissoftware of choice for moment frames, braced frames, trusses,bridges, office and residential buildings, skyscrapers, industrialbuildings, plate/shell and fabric structures, cable structures andmore.

New R2017 Modeling Features:
1. Member to Shell Conversion for enhanced analysis
– Models with both steel and concrete members (1D prismatic orlinearly tapered) can be automatically converted into equivalentshell models, with member loading converted to equivalent shellloading.
– Resulting Pier forces diagrams are relative to the originalmember element coordinate system.
– Convert joints to equivalent shell models to facilitate momentconnection modeling with and without stiffeners
– Member end connectivity (pinned, partially fixed, hysteretic,etc.) can be optionally be preserved when converting to equivalentshell models

2. Rigid Body Constraint, a new constraint type enables users tomodel complex geometry by:
– Modeling rigid connections. e.g. where several beams and/orcolumns frame together
– Connecting together different parts of the structural model thatwere defined using separate meshes
– Connecting 1D elements (member/truss) that are acting aseccentric stiffeners/re-bars to 2D elements (shells)

3. Rigid Body Panels: a new panel type
– Rigid Body Panels enable users, among other applications, toeasily enforce the condition that plane sections remain plane whenconverting members to detailed 3D shells.

4. Pass Through Force Connection Design Tool for calculating thePass-Through/Transfer Forces
– Monitor load paths to better facilitate connection design
– Member end forces are summed up and transformed to global orjoint coordinate system (transfer forces)
– Users can control which members contribute to a connectioncomponent and can define custom member arrangements toconnections

5. Other Modeling Improvements
– Meshing: Mesh generators now automatically locate and correct foroverlapping panels, preventing duplicate mesh panels.
– Select members based on member length
– When subdividing groups of members or shells of different size,there is a new option to average the subdivisions to make them asclose as possible to the same size.
– Circular, Rectangular and Wall panels automatically create thepanel polygon using grid intersections.
Increase to the number of allowable area load sub polygons by afactor of 3.

Installer Size: 746 MB

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