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SCIA Engineer 2015 v15.2.99 Crack


Software Description: SCIA Engineer 2015 v15.2.99 Keygen Crack

Multi-material structural analysis and design software for allkinds of projects, from buildings to bridges. Discover all thefeatures that will make your life easier. Faster, easier and morecomplete concrete design, composite beam design, plastic steelshells analysis and much more!
Scia Engineer is an integrated, multi-materialstructural analysis and design software for all kinds of projects.Its wide range of functionality make it usable for all kinds ofprojects: design office buildings, industrial plants and bridges,all within the same easy-to-use environment.

In addition to a state-of-the art modelling, mesh generator andhigh-performance finite element solver, it features integratedtools to check or optimize the structure to a variety ofinternational and national building codes.

SCIA Engineer allows structural Engineers to design and analyse allkinds of buildings, office blocks, skyscrapers, apartments inmaterials such as steel, concrete or composite.

Civil Structures
Civil engineers daily rely on SCIA Engineer to model, analyse anddesign all kind of infrastructure projects such as bridges,tunnels, locks, barrages, bulkheads, overpasses, etc…

Industrial Buildings & Plants
SCIA Engineer comes with all the 3D industrial design tools neededin the process and power industry. Plant design professionals alsoget all the tools to design any hanger, large span halls in steelor concrete

Special Projects
Many special projects have been designed, calculated and finallyrealized with SCIA Engineer. Such projects include mechanicalequipment, stadiums, cranes, scaffolds, roofs, sustainable projectsand more.

SCIA Engineer – Technical specifications:
General features:
 – SCIA Engineer is a single software application thatintegrates all phases of the design process: modelling, analysis,design and code-checks, drawings, and outputs.
 – Suitable for all types of tasks from simple day-to-daytasks to complex and challenging projects.

 – Easy-to-use graphical environment for direct modelling in3D.
 – Automated checks and conversions for imported models.
 – Parametric modeling for repetitive and optimizationtasks.

Boundary conditions and loading:
 – Numerous types of supports reflecting the real boundaryconditions.
 – Direct input of all types of loads: concentrated ordistributed force loads, thermal loads, moving loads, imposeddisplacements.
 – Load generators for wind and snow load, automaticdistribution of area load to load bearing beams.

Presentation of results:
 – Clear and comprehensive presentation of results ingraphical and tabular form.
 – Detailed reports and diagrams for individual beams orsections on surfaces.
 – Easy preparation of output documents with pictures, tablesand additional comments.

FEM generation and analysis:
 – Fast and robust finite element solver with an automaticgeneration of finite element mesh for any geometry.
 – Advanced types of calculation available includingconstruction stages, non-linearity, dynamics, time dependent andsequential analysis.

Code design and checks:
 – Comprehensive solution for standard materials: concrete,steel, composite (steel+concrete), aluminum, timber.
 – Combination of multiple materials in one project.
 – Code checks according to numerous international andnational civil engineering standards.

Document and drawings:
 – The customizable document with tables, images and free textprovides for a comprehensive documentation of the project.
 – The i Picture Gallery and the Paperspace facilitategraphical outputs.
 – Automated general arrangement drawings allow for easy andfast creation of drawings.

Structural BIM & Interoperability:
 – Integration of the full design process from concept todesign and detailing.
 – True Analysis feature makes it possible to handle bothstructural and analysis models in one project.
 – Open communication thanks to the support of a wide range offile formats
 – Smooth exchange of data between architects, structuralengineers and draftsmen.
 – Intelligent exchange of data between BIM applications.

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