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Software Description: Siemens FiberSIM v16.0.1 x64 2018-04-29 Keygen Serial

The nature of fiber-reinforced plastic products require rapidchanges in the way analysis, design and manufacturing istraditionally performed. Unravel the complexities of thesematerials with the FiberSIM portfolio of software.Experience a concurrent engineering process where analysis anddesign are performed in the context of the manufacturing process,which is key to developing optimal designs. The open architectureof Fibersim provides a specialized engineering environment tocreate a composite digital twin in NX, CATIA, or CREO.

Composite Design & Analysis
Using Fibersim as the hub for your composite part design allows forthe efficient input of requirements from CAE to create a CADdigital twin that can rapidly react to changes in shape andspecification, all while providing a window onto the shop floor toensure the producibility of your design.  Design rules providepowerful automation in the creation of ply boundaries from minimalgeometry input. Additionally advanced sorting, filtering, andrenaming capabilities provide efficient tools for navigating thecomplexity of modern composite parts.

Design Data Verification
Engineering documentation brings visibility to the compositedetails during verification, including drop-off profiles, plysequence order, and ply materials. Fibersim helps automate thecreation of cross sections, annotations, and core samples that areupdatable as changes occur, ensuring the design is accuratelyreflected. Fibersim core sampling capabilities provide deeperdetails, such as ply thickness changes, fiber deviation, balance,and symmetry, which are invaluable in ensuring product quality.Understanding laminate weight and cost is critical to makinggo/no-go decisions during verification. Fibersim instantly providesthe laminate weight and cost, including post cure processes, toprovide the most accurate information during review.

Detailed Design Definition
Whether you are designing a solid airfoil with Fibersim’s VolumeFill capability, using Zone-based design to produce nested plies ina large structural component, or leveraging Fibersim’s uniqueMulti-Ply approach to automate a ply-based design, Fibersim has theoptimal design methodology for your part type.  Once authored,this complete composite definition can be leveraged throughout theenterprise, from flat patterns and laser projected ply boundarieson the shop floor to 3D documentation for design reviews toaccurate weights directly in Teamcenter.

Preliminary Design
Fibersim’s bi-directional Analysis Interface provides an automatedexchange of stress requirements into a CAD digital twin.  Evenbefore detailing the part with design rules, preliminary weightsand space claim solids can be derived from the zonedefinition.  Once the final ply boundaries have been defined,the true fiber orientations can be sent back to stress to bere-analyzed with the as-manufactured definition.

Product Producibility Simulation
Fibersim’s producibility simulation is a production-provencapability to accurate flat patterns and true fiberorientations.  With the complex curvature and advancedmaterials of modern composites, specified orientations cannot beassumed, and having a reliable simulation of the part producibilityis critical to repeatable and high-performing parts. Fibersim canalso provide a preliminary look at path planning challenges forautomated deposition.

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