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SIMULIA FE-SAFE 2016 HF1 x64 Crack


Software Description: SIMULIA FE-SAFE 2016 HF1 x64 Keygen Serial

FE-SAFE is the technical leader in fatigueanalysis software for Finite Element models and is capable ofmeeting its users’ most demanding applications. It directlyinterfaces to all leading FEA suites and is used by leadingcompanies in the transport and mobility, aerospace and defense,general manufacturing, power generation, marine and offshoreindustries worldwide to determine fatigue life and optimizedesigns. FE-SAFE is renowned for its accuracy, speed and ease ofuse.

FE-SAFE has been developed continuously since the early 1990’sin collaboration with industry to ensure that it continues to setthe benchmark for fatigue analysis software. It was the firstcommercially available software to focus on modern multiaxialstrain based fatigue methods and the first to incorporatecapabilities for non-metallic materials. FE-SAFE analyses metals,elastomers, thermo-mechanical and creep fatigue and employs theVerity® structural stress method or the fatigue analysis of weldedjoints the only commercial software to incorporate thismethodology.

Here are some key features of “FE-SAFE”:
– Calculates fatigue lives at every point on a model, producingcontour plots to reveal fatigue lives and crack sites
– Determines how much the stresses must be changed in order toachieve a target design life, showing clearly where the componentis under strength or where material and weight can be saved
– Estimates warranty claim curves based on probabilities offailure
– Identifi es which parts of a duty cycle are most damaging. Inprototype testing this could mean shorter tests with feweractuators
– Manufacturing effects such as residual stresses from a stamped orformed part, or the material variation effects in castings andforgings can be included
– Automatic detection of contact using contact fatiguealgorithms
– No special meshing is required. FE-SAFE works from a standardfree tet mesh. Solid and shell elements can be combined on the samemodel
– Unique calculation of the fatigue life of welded joints using theVerity Structural Stress Method
– Unique calculation of composite materials using the physics-basedMulti-Continuum Technology (MCT) methods available inFE-SAFE/Composites
– Unique methods for fatigue of elastomers using patentedelastomer-specifi c algorithms in FE-SAFE/Rubber
– Unique solution providing strain correlated FEA load calculationsusing the technology available in FE-SAFE/True Load – turns complexcomponents into multi-channel load cells
– New method of fatigue analysis from PSDs of loads. Combines aunique method of superimposing multiaxial PSDs with critical planeanalysis

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