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Smith Micro Poser Pro v11.1.0.34764 x64 Crack


Software Description: Smith Micro Poser Pro v11.0.5.32974 Keygen Serial

Poser Pro is a powerful 3D character creatorand animation tool, and includes ready to use content for graphicsprofessionals, illustrators, animators and designers. For 20 yearsPoser has been the preferred 3D animation software and charactercreator for rendering static or animated digital content. Poser Proincludes robust 3D character creation tools including clothingfitting, morph target creation, weight mapping tools, networkrendering and the full collection of Poser features, but in anative 64-bit application. The included set of PoserFusion plug-insare perfect for content integration with Lightwave, CINEMA 4D, 3dsMax and Autodesk Maya, as well as Z-brush via our Go-Z support.

Fitting Room
Interactively fit clothing and props to any Poser figure and createnew conforming clothing with the Fitting Room. Edit existingclothing to fit any weight mapped figure with five automaticmethods, you can even transfer morph targets too!

Copy Morphs from Figure to Figure
Poser Pro features Morph Target Transfer to copy morph from onefigure, to another. Poser clothing developers can now support awide array of figures and include both full body and partial bodymorphs.

Weight Map Creation Tool Suite
Paint weight maps on any joint for super smooth and controlledbending, or use an existing figure and copy its weight map onto anew figure. Copy weight map symmetry from side to side or use a Useyou pressure sensitive tablet to paint weight maps for the bestbending characters.

For photorealistic texture creation, High Dynamic Range (HDRI)images are supported with full depth brightness and color. Totransport Poser into a variety of powerful third party toolsincluding Sketch-up, Modo and many other powerful pro-tools, wehave one of the most robust COLLADA import/export pipelinesavailable today.

PoserFusion Plug-ins
Our included PoserFusion plug-ins work with Lightwave, CINEMA 4D,Max and Maya, and allow you to import full Poser scenes includingcharacter rigging, textures and full dynamics.

Queue Manager and Network Rendering
The Queue Manager lets you manage rendering jobs to choose when youwant to render, and which machine you want to use, and use yournetwork of rendering computers to efficiently handle projects likeanimation.

New Features of Poser 11 & Poser Pro 11
SuperFly – Physically Based Rendering
Built on Blender’s Cycles Render Engine, SuperFly brings the powerof physically based shading and rendering to Poser. Accuratelyrendering light the way it behaves in the real world makes iteasier to produce hyper-realistic renders. Existing Poser users canchoose to use the same familiar materials as for FireFly, or takefull advantage of the SuperFly material system, by building Cyclesor physically based shaders. GPU assisted rendering is supportedvia Nvidia CUDA (Poser Pro version only). For faster renders, userswill be able to harness the power of their Nvidia GPU(s) when usingthe SuperFly renderer.

Improvements to Realtime Comic Book preview
Control all your comic mode settings with one easy-to-access panel.New Geometric Edge Lines automatically produce a geometry-basedoutline around figures which make amazing “ink” lines in OpenGLpreview. The width of the geometric outlines for each material canbe adjusted with settings in the Material room. You can createdifferent “ink” weights for different parts of your figures andeven set the outlines’ width to be controlled by key frames in youranimation. This allows dynamic adjustment of “ink” weight in ananimation.

Actor Selection History
This works like the history in your web browser, allowing you tokeep track of recently accessed objects with back and forwardbuttons. You can see the whole history by right clicking thehistory buttons, and hot keys can be assigned to the previous andnext actor (just like a web browser). This makes it easier tonavigate through the actors in a scene while posing, and you alwayshave a list of recently-modified parameters at your fingertips.

Custom Parameter Palettes
Add frequently accessed parameter dials to custom palettes so youalways have those dials at you finger tips without selectingdifferent actors or lists. The palettes are saved with figures,props and scenes upon request.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
This highly-requested feature allows you to customize Poser’s hotkeys. Assign preferred keys to frequently performed tasks and mapmenu commands to the hot keys that you choose. You can also matchthe hot keys between Poser and your other programs so there’snothing new to memorize.

Smooth Translation of Joints
This new rigging feature allows for smooth, weight mapped lineartranslation of body parts for smooth translations and a whole newdimension of control to figure rigging.

Adaptive Rigging using Morph Dependent Joint Centers (Creation isPRO)
Automatically set a figure’s joint center to match a drastic morphand automatically create the needed dependencies. Match clotheswith one simple check box. Extreme morphs sometimes need therotation centers for joints to be moved to accommodate the morphedshape, and this new tool automatically sets up the rig to match themorphed shape.

Animated Orientations
When a morph gets really wild, sometimes even the orientation of ajoint needs to change, meaning which direction it moves when youtwist or bend it. Now you can control a joint’s orientation by amorph.

Female Figure
Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11 include a brand new, never before seenPoser figure: Pauline. This figure will be the standard in contentcreation for Poser 11 and is included FREE with theapplication.

Export a Partial Scene (Pro only)
When working on complex scenes, sometimes you need to separateparts out for distribution. This feature allows you to chooseexactly which figures, props, lights, and cameras are included, andyou can easily merge the scenes later on.

Area Lights
Simulates real world light sources more accurately, much like aphotographer’s “Soft box” light. In the real world, lights areseldom a single point, so with adjustable-size lights, you caneasily create realistic lighting conditions with soft shadows.

Simulates the way light reflects and refracts in a realistic way soyou can accurately reproduce the behavior of light on refractiveand reflective surfaces, like lenses focusing light and watercreating ripples of light.

Volumetric Materials
Materials that transmit light can also produce volumetric effectswhich can simulate absorption and diffusion. This feature simulatesthe way light behaves inside a transparent object, like lightpicking up color in stained glass or being diffused in fog orsmoke.

Measurements & Text Props (Creation PRO, Playback STD)
This allows you to create precise measurements in a Poser scenethat are highly useful for forensics and recreating real worldscenes. With a few clicks, you can create measurements that respondto the actors in the scene. As you move objects in the scene, themeasurements update in real time.
Measurements & Text Props

High Density Display Support
This is a user-adjustable interface scale setting that resizes theentire user interface. If you have a high DPI monitor, you canscale up the interface. If you have a small monitor, you can scaleit down to maximize screen real estate. It’s also useful foraccessibility because the UI can be scaled up for easier reading.The addition of UI scaling makes Poser much easier to use on highDPI displays and allows easier accessibility for users with limitedvision.

Improved Scene Manipulation Performance
Figure posing speed will be faster across the board, and sceneswith lots of figures will be more responsive when posingfigures.

Revamped Direct Manipulation Tool
A broader ribbon style and depth cueing make the new directmanipulation tool easier to use.

Auto-save saves your bacon. Customize the time between saves andhow long a period of inactivity passes before it triggers.

Master Synchronized Morph Dials
Full Body Morphs can be controlled directly from any affected bodypart, and dials can be un-linked for individual control of morphscomprised of many smaller parts. The Master Synchronized MorphDials feature allows you to control all the constituent parts fromany part, not just the master dial.

Subdivision-level morph targets (Creating morphs PRO)
Subdivision-level morph targets (Creating morphs PRO) – In PoserPro, you can create high-resolution morphs right on the subdividedgeometry and use the Export Morph Injection command to sharethem.

Improved Subdivision Surfaces
More robust handling of poor geometry. By integrating OpenSubdiv 3,support for meshes that were not originally designed forsubdivision is enhanced.

Vertex Weight Painting Constrained to Material Groups
When editing vertex weights and morphs, you can limit the paintedarea by groups or materials. Sometimes when working with weightmaps or creating morphs, you need to limit editing to a certainarea, and these options give you more control over how you limitthe editing area.

Figure Symmetry Improvements (Rigging symmetry is PRO)
Separate symmetry for rigging and posing. Symmetry is selectabledown to individual body parts, giving you much more precise controlover it. In custom mode, you can select anything from one body partto the entire figure to copy.

Control Handles  (Creation of control handles is PRO)
Provides an easy way to give ghost bones a handle that isautomatically excluded from renders, making it much easier to workwith in the scene. Handles can be parented to any body part and setto control any other part.

Option to Prepend Morph Targets
Allows users to choose how a morph behaves when the body part it isattached to bends. This feature controls how a morph is created.Some morphs work better if they are processed before the figure isbent. Some work better after. Now you can choose the type youwant.

Make Movie
Improved encoding preset handling, better support of codecconfiguration, and new support for “headless” codecs.

Layered Materials
Create layered materials to simulate the way light interacts incomplex surfaces. It’s also great to make a tattoo or a scar.

Improved Library Search
Search your local library as well as partner brokerages forrelevant items. Create wish list items you may want later. Tagcontent so you can build your own custom groups for easier contentmanagement. The new library will seamlessly include content fromonline sources and filter it by your own customizable tags.

Absolute Scaling for 3DS, DXF, LWO and OBJ import & export(Same PRO/STD split)
Easier import and export of geometry files because every 3Dapplication has its own scale. Absolute scaling makes it easier toshare content between Poser and other applications.
Absolute Scaling

Alembic Export (PRO)
Point cache format for export allows for faithful reproduction ofanimated scenes in production pipelines.

Game Development Features (PRO)
Poser Pro Game Dev features have been added to Poser Pro 11,including game asset creation tools for Figure Combining, PolygonReduction, Unseen Polygon Removal, FBX import/export and Kinect forWindows® support, all designed to produce size-efficient 3Dcharacter assets and scene files for gaming and Unity®.

Exposed Hidden Options in Dial Properties (PRO)
Enhanced ability to hide/unhide dials makes hidden parametersaccessible. Exposed static property. Use the static option to forcea single dial to stop animating. Its present value will be usedthroughout the animation. Simple selection tool. Sometimes youreally just need to select something and you don’t want or need tomove it. Now you can with simple select.

Architectural Improvement! Single Installer for Poser 11 &Poser Pro 11
Now there’s a single installation regardless of Poser flavor. Makesupgrading easy, there’s nothing to download.

Architectural Improvement! 3rd Party Component Updates
Embree 2.4 and OpenSubdiv 3

Installer Size: 979 + 4953 MB

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