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Software Cradle scSTREAM + HeatDesigner v11.0 Build 20131103 x64 Crack


Software Description: Software Cradle scSTREAM + HeatDesigner v11.0 Build 20131103 x64 Keygen Serial

scSTREAM thermo-fluid software has serviced theelectronics and architectural industries for thirty years. Theever-evolving software is characterized by its overwhelminglyuser-friendly interfaces and high speed processing.HeatDesigner is based on scSTREAM and is speciallydeveloped for thermal design of electronics products. HeatDesignerprovides physical functions required only for thermal design withits simple interfaces and powerful computing performance.

Program Structures:
Various methods to represent shapes
The shape of a model to be analyzed can be represented by using thefollowing methods: voxel method (slanted faces and curved faces arerepresented in staircase patterns), cut-cell method (the shape of amodel created with a CAD tool can be represented more accurately),and overset mesh method (a model of an arbitrary shape defined withunstructured mesh can be overlapped on a model defined withstructured mesh to use the shape created with a CAD tool asis).

Large-scale calculation
In structured mesh, even a complicated model does not need to bemodified almost at all and the shape or the scale of a model doesnot affect the difficulty of mesh generation. In addition, Solverperforms a calculation at a high speed in parallel computing andachieves effective processing as the speed increases depending onthe number of subdomains.

Moving objects
A flow generated by a moving rigid object can be calculated.Conditions including the motions of an object (translation,rotation, and elastic deformation), heat generation/absorption, andair supply/return can be set. The model of a moving object iscreated on another mesh. In this way, conditions such as thedistance that the object moves are limited very little.

Parametric study
Parametric Study Tool is useful to apply multiple conditions tomultiple parts and compare the analysis results. The toolautomatically performs calculation the required number of timesonly by specifying the number of conditions and the parameters ofthe conditions. Multiple analysis results of different conditionscan be obtained easily by setting parameters simply at the earlystage. In addition, the tool can reduce human errors, which tend tobe caused when multiple models are created.

Mesh can be refined partially to represent a model shape moreaccurately and perform a calculation more efficiently.

Customizing variables
Complicated conditions including trigonometric functions andconditional branches such as IF statements can be set withoutcompiling.

Part library
The shapes and conditions of frequently used parts can beregistered. Conditions include the allocation position, material,and heat generation.

Installer Size: 1782 MB

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