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StairDesigner v7.05d Pro-PP Crack


Software Description: StairDesigner v7.05a Pro-PP Keygen Crack

StairDesigner is a polyvalent straight,helicoidal, and balanced stair design software, used in the wood,marble, stone, and metal industries. StairDesigner allows a quickstairway parameters entry. Its Help and Control Function checks theRiser Height, Tread Length, and Stair Rule parameters (Blondel’slaw), and helps reaching the stair compliance.

Help and Control Function
StairDesigner controls each of the Riser Height, the Tread Length,and the Stair Rule vis-a-vis [Min – Max] intervals.
When the stair values comply with the [Min – Max] control intervals(default values as per contra), StairDesigner displays a greensignal.

Global Balancing Function
Once the stairway is defined, StairDesigner calculates a stairglobal balancing. All steps are balanced by default, but eachstep’s postion may be moved individually : StairDesigner will thenautomatically recalculate the stair balancing.

«S shaped» Stairs
StairDesigner is able to design up to 7 flights stairs. Each flightis determined by its dimensions, and its angle with the previousflight.
StairDesigner flights may be defined with an either left or rightrotation, enabling «S-shaped» stairs design.

Installer Size: 9.2 MB

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