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Tecplot Chorus 2016 R2 x64 Crack


Software Description: Tecplot Chorus 2016 R2 x64 Keygen Serial

Tecplot Chorus integrates CFD post-processing,powerful analytics tools, and data management. Collections of CFDsimulations can be compared in a single environment whileevaluating system performance. Tecplot 360 EX is the fastest,easiest-to-use and most memory-efficient post-processor available.With it you can analyze complex data, arrange multiple layouts, andpresent your results with brilliant images and animations.

Unified Data and Project Management
– Create and manage multiple sets of CFD solutions.
– Filter the project cases using interactive filtering.
– Evaluate CFD field data using Tecplot 360 EX.
– Create and manage assets from plots to data extractions.

Advanced Analytics and Surrogate Modeling
– Create multi-dimensional surrogate models.
– Visualize multiple views of CFD results and flow field physics inone unified environment.
– Explore project results with linked table, XY andmulti-dimensional scatter views.

Rapid Comparative Analysis of Field Data
– Evaluate system performance with n-by-n matrices or side-by-sidecomparisons.
– Compare pixel-by-pixel differences for selected plot images.
– Calculate quantitative differences between output variables on agrid for selected cases in Tecplot 360 EX.

Batch Process Plot Creation Without Macros
– Create and apply templates for generating plots across a set ofcases and for extracting data and profiles from the full volumefield data across a set of cases.
– Leverage Tecplot macros for specialized data analysis andvisualization.
– Extract outputs and scalars from field data, including likeforces, moments, and maximums.
– Submit and manage multiple batch jobs.

Fast Physics Exploration and Visualization
– Take advantage of the new SZL technology to speedup processingtimes by an order of magnitude.
– Pre-compute plots to rapidly analyze full sets of simulationcases.
– Quickly view plot images and solution data from the flow fieldwith a single mouse click.
– Explore and filter an array of plots images.
– Explore the full 3D flow field with Tecplot 360 EX.

Installer Size: 237.68 MB

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