Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023


Software Description: Tekla Reinforced Concrete Extensions 2017 Build 2018/0309 + Crack

Extensions are applications done using the Open API or customcomponents. Extensions are not a part of the Tekla Structuresproduct release and are considered “use at your own risk”. Tekladoes not commit to ensuring these tools or their functionality willbe continually updated, improved, or working in all versions orenvironments of Tekla Structures.

This Package included:
– Brace Dimensions
– Chair Bars
– ChairReinforcement
– CMU Tools
– Compare Objects
– Component Variable Importer
– Cranking Of Overlapping Rebars
– Grating panel
– ISM link
– Link SAP2000
– Move Using 3 Points
– Offset
– Offshore Ring Plate
– Plates from built-up section i
– Rebar Group Dimension
– Rebar Group Marking
– Rebar Pullout Picture And Marking
– Solid 2 Plates
– Stirrup Reinforcement
– Surface generation between polybeams
– Weld Path i

Installer Size: 215 MB

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