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Vasco da Gama HD Professional v10.11 Crack


Software Description: Vasco da Gama HD Professional v10.11 + Full Crack

Vasco da Gama ’s HD Professional version offersa comprehensive package that is bound to convince users with itsGPS database featuring approx. 238,000 cities and villages. Optimumuser friendliness and technical convenience are guaranteed throughthe capability to import GPS tracking routes directly. The sameapplies to GPS data from images, which can be assigned to thecorresponding locations automatically.
The highlights of this HD Professional Edition include bothextended dual-monitor support for optimum display of youranimations and the option to illustrate up to 10 independent routessimultaneously on a map. Furthermore, the routes set up by you canbe reproduced 1:1 as experienced by entering the real time data.Finally, with the HD Professional version you can now create Videosin HD Ultra and 4k in addition to SD and HD formats.

Experience realistic virtual journeys? No problem with Vasco daGama. For several years now, this software has been at the top ofits class when it comes to complex digital animation of travelexperiences.
Pictures say more than a thousand words! And animations say morethan a thousand pictures!
Vasco da Gama 9 lets you combine moving images with impressiveanimations to create graphically intensive presentations of yourtravels. Vasco da Gama is high-resolution animation software thatallows you to capture and follow your unique travel experiences indetail. You have a digital miniature of the world on your computerand you decide where the journey will go and present your tripprofessionally.

Here are some key features of “Vasco daGama”:
– Simple map mode to create flat maps quickly.
– Camera range is limited to the selected map.
– Marginal areas may be filled with the color of your choice.
– A variety of pre-sets will be automatically applied to let youachieve a reasonable final result quickly. Includes settings forcamera position, zoom, angles, line width, object sizes, and manymore.
– Display changes with zoom levels or position settings.
– Simple camera mode lets you set all of the camera options for allcamera points at once by using the route as the cameraposition.
– The completely revised timeline allows you to track all objects,texts and route lines where they occur.
– When you add your own maps, the map cache is now clearedautomatically.
– Professional camera can now be changed at any time while incamera mode.
– Additional camera zoom correction for automatic cameracontrol.
– The GPS database now remembers the filters you last used, such ascountry, region and number of inhabitants so that they do not needto be reset each time.
– More camera themes for automatic camera control
– The editor mode now uses the same timeline as the cameramode.
– Vasco da Gama 9 remembers the camera and editor views making iteasy to switch quickly between the two views.
– Revised colors for the user interface to highlight importantbuttons.
– To get a better overview of the project, you can now switchbetween “Show all items” and “Show object on timeline.”
– Texts and objects can now be precisely moved or placed in cameraview, so you can immediately see what the result will lookslike.
– If you choose free texts and objects, the view is automaticallyoriented to the selected object.
– Vasco da Gama 9 is now compatible with Parallels
– Alternative rotary knob function for Parallels to allow easyhandling here.

Installer Size: 614 MB

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