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Galleon 3D Screensaver v1.3 Crack


Software Description: Galleon 3D Screensaver v1.3 Crack Serial

This beautiful galleon from the Age of Great Explorations iscrossing the dangerous ocean at full sail again. Through blisteringsun and quiet nights blessed by the moonshine, through fierce gunbattles and storms, it rushes to new, yet to be discovered, lands.Raise your flag, captain, and enter the history.

Spanish Galleon was the most feared warship duringthe 16th and 17th centuries. Equipped with cannons and mortars,staffed with seasoned seamen or daredevil buccaneers, this floatingfortress was used to move gold and silver from South America toEurope. Or to take away this gold from the Spanish Crown, raidcolonies and sink passing merchant ships. This was the ship allfamous pirates dreamed about.

Galleon 3D Screensaver is a 3D screensaver featuring a real galleonmodel, created exactly according to the specifications of thattime.All details, including masts, sails and their positions, andship’s interior are what they were on a real galleon four hundredyears ago.

Just like any other 3Planesoft creation, this screensaver is aneye-catcher. And since it is a shareware, you can download yourtrial version free of charge. To get the most out of this trulyamazing 3D screensaver, make sure you have 3D accelerator device(video card). Download your version now. Welcome aboard.

– P-III 600 Mhz or equivalent processor
– 64 MB RAM
– 16 MB Direct3D 8.0 compatible hardware accelerated video card
– 16-Bit DirectX 8.0 – compatible sound card
– 3 MB free hard drive space
– DirectX 8.0 or higher

Installer Size: 5.6 MB

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