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Magic Desktop v9.4.0.207 Crack


Software Description: Magic Desktop v9.4.0.207 + Crack

Magic Desktop creates a safe and stimulatingenvironment where kids can improve their computer literacy at theirown pace. Child-friendly design works perfectly with tiny hands,while our complete collection of programs keep young minds excitedand engaged.

Encourage Learning
Magic Desktop is an age-appropriate playground that grows with yourkids, offering lots of assorted programs to express creativity andexciting new ways to learn!

Ge Academy
– Learn numbers, letters, colors and shapes
– Enjoy varied educational exercises
– Encourage and reward learning

– Take a snapshot
– Apply cool photo effects
– Share with friends and family

Easy Paint
– Paint by free-hand
– Combine colors
– Apply effects and text to your own pictures

Talking Parrot
– Record your own voice
– Play recordings fast or slow
– Send a personal voicemail

– Enjoy 28 games for all ages
– Combine education with play
– Offer hours of entertainment

No Homework – No Play
– Set your own rules
– Motivate children
– Reward accomplishments

Protect Online Safety
Parents and caregivers need to protect their child’s safety on theInternet. That’s why Magic Desktop includes several applications toensure a worry-free online experience.

My First Browser
Content advisors like EasySearch and parental control featuresprovide browsing freedom while ensuring children stay withinpre-approved boundaries. My First Browser is a child-safe webbrowser that lets parents search and approve appropriatewebsites.

Magic Mail
Give children an easy and secure e-mail client that hides spam andphishing messages while allowing parental supervision of newcontacts. So you can make sure your kids never start conversationswith strangers online.

Protect Your Computer
Let kids play the safe way. With Magic Desktop, your child cannotdelete personal files or corrupt essential system files becauseyou’re always in charge of the Master Password.

Security Shield
Magic Desktop Security Shield locks Windows away and creates aprotective environment that has been exclusively designed forchildren. It’s easy to use and visually appealing.

Easy Switch
If you share your computer with kids, you can easily switch betweenMagic Desktop and Windows.

Run at Startup
If your child has his or her own computer, use Magic Desktop tocreate a safe and seamless user experience.

Magic Desktop is available in all the following languages: English,German, French, Italian, Danish, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese,Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian,Spanish, Turkish, Japanese

Installer Size: 138.4 MB

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