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Right Click Enhancer Professional v4.5.2 Crack


Software Description: Right Click Enhancer Professional v4.5.2 Crack Patch

Take control over your right click menu with this tool. RightClick Enhancer Professional comes with following features..Right Click Enhancer gives you power to controlthe ultimate right click menu everyone use every day.Right ClickEnhancer allows yo to edit your right click menu in the way youwant. Now with help of this wonderful tool you can add some goodstuffs to your right click context menu.
right Click Enhancer Professional is a lightweight softwareapplication that comes packed with several OS enhancement tools forhelping you customize the context menu entries, make fileassociations, rename files, as well as verify the integrity of SFVitems.
What’s more, it features a built-in editor designed to give you ahand when it comes to removing unwanted right-click menu entries.It automatically generates a list with all context menu entriesfound on your system, and lets you export data to REG fileformat.

Here are some key feature of “Right Click EnhancerProfessional”:
– Add new and improved functionality to your right-click mousebutton
– Add applications, files, and folder shortcuts to your right clickcontext menu
– Create sub-menus to add even more items
– Avoid the clutter of putting every single shortcut on yourdesktop
– Access common file management tasks using your right-clickbutton
– Remove or Disable unwanted existing right-click menu entries
– Add new folder shortcuts to send to sub menu to ease the copyoperation
– Add new file types to new menu to create new files easily
– Copy Files Faster: You can add new files andfolder shortcuts to send to menu using Right Click Enhancer, thatwill help you copy stuffs to folders faster. Just right click onthe file and use send to menu to copy it to that location. You canalso use Copy to folder and Move to folder to copy or move itemsquickly.
– Edit Right Click Menu: When you install newapplication on your PC some of them adds new options in your rightclick menu. While these entries provide quick way to use theapplication, not all users find it useful. Right Click Editor toolof this application allows you to remove or disable these types ofunwanted right click menu options.
– Edit new menu: You can add new file types orremove old ones from new menu using Right Click Enhancer. You caneven add file types with default content so next time when youcreate that type of file using new menu, you will get file withthat content already present.  
– Add useful options: You can add some usefuloptions to right click menu like famous God Mode option that bringsall the configuration options of Windows in one place. There areplenty of options like this that can help you create files andfolders list of directory, take owership of multiple files andfolders easily and many others productivity tweaks.
– Manage right click menu of IE: Right ClickEnhancer lets you add, edit or remove right click menu entriesinside Internet Explorer.
– Edit file associations with ease: You can editthe file icon, description shown under files and other aspectsusing Right Click Enhancer.
– Export anything to registry file: You can exportall the changes you done using Right Click Enhancer Professional toregistry .file so you can use that file on other PC and make thesame changes on that PC without installing the application

Installer Size: 5.7 MB

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