Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
SpotOnTheMouse v2.6.0 Crack


Software Description: SpotOnTheMouse v2.6.0 Cracked

The SpotOnTheMouseapplication was designed to be a mouse pointer action visualizationsoftware.

Here are some key features of”SpotOnTheMouse”:
– Halo
A yellow area moving along with the mouse pointer.
– Crosshair
Horizontal and vertical line with the mouse pointer where theycross.
– Click circles
Rings indicate where the mouse buttons are clicked. They move alongwith the mouse pointer while the button is pressed down. When thebutton is released, the ring remains at the position and fadesout.
– Wheel arrows
Arrows above and below the pointer indicate the direction of themouse wheel rotation.
– Mouse graphic
A picture of a mouse moves along next to the pointer. It indicatesthe button clicks and wheel rotations.
– Keyboard indicators
Keys and certain combinations of keys can be displayed next to themouse pointer.

Installer Size: 1.19 MB

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