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ActiveState Komodo IDE v11.0.2 Build 90813 Crack


Software Description: ActiveState Komodo IDE v11.0.0 Build 90668 Full Crack

ActiveState Komodo is the award-winning,professional integrated development environment (IDE) for dynamiclanguages, providing a powerful workspace for editing, debuggingand testing your programs.

Komodo offers advanced support for Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, andTcl, on Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows. Komodo is a softwarethat will edit, debug and test your programs.

Komodo’s customizable language-aware editor and extensibleworkspace assist the developer with a supportive yet powerfulenvironment, including source code control integration (CVS,Perforce, and Subversion), web technologies support (CGI, XML, andXSLT), a powerful regular expression toolkit, and comprehensivedebugging support.

Here are some key features of “Komodo”:
– Vi emulation: Modal keybindings which emulate the navigation,text insertion and command behavior of Vi. Custom commands can beimplemented by adding Komodo macros to a Vi Commands Toolboxfolder.
– HTTP Inspector: An interface for examining HTTP requests andresponses as they happen. It runs a local proxy which interceptsHTTP traffic and records each transaction, which can then beviewed. The Inspector can break on a request or response, which canthen be edited and submitted or re-submitted in its modifiedform.
– SFTP and SCP: Komodo now supports access to remote files via SFTPand SCP. Saved password information for all remote servers isstored securely in Mozilla’s native password manager.
– JavaScript Debugging: Komodo now offers JavaScript debuggingusing the Firefox web browser and the JavaScript DBGP extension.With the extension enabled, loading JavaScript or triggeringJavaScript controls in the browser window opens a debugging sessionin Komodo, which loads the relevant JavaScript code.
– JavaScript Interactive Shell: An interactive shell formanipulating JavaScript code is now available within JavaScriptdebugging sessions. This shell is similar in functionality to theother interactive shells in Komodo.
– Redesigned Code Intelligence system: reimplementation of PHP,Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, XML and CSS support. The CodeIntelligence system is the backend for many of Komodo’s features,such as Autocompletion, Calltips and the code browser.
– PHP “Zero Configuration”: improved automatic configuration forPHP debugging.
– Live Folders: Komodo projects now offer Live Folders whichdisplay current filesystem contents. The previous folder behavioris still available; these folders are now referred to as “VirtualFolders” in the documentation.
– Live Import: Projects can now automatically act as a Live Folder;importing, displaying and updating the contents of the basedirectory specified when it is created. Project-specific DirectoryImport preferences define which files and directories to include.New projects use Live Import by default.
– Project Settings: All project settings are now moved to theProject Properties dialog. This dialog box is now used for files,folders and projects, displaying the appropriate properties foreach type.

Additional Project functionality, including:
– Project based debugger preferences
– Basic file management (Delete, Rename, Show in File Manager)
– Project import from remote file systems
– New File option
– XML/HTML Autocomplete and CallTips: Komodo now supportsAutoComplete and CallTips support for XML and HTML based on DTD orRelaxNG Schema. SGML and XML Catalogs are supported. The file beingedited should contain a DOCTYPE declaration or a namespace in theroot element, otherwise, only the current file data is used forcompletion.
– DOM Viewer: A new tab in the Project Pane (left) shows the DOMstructure of XML and HTML documents in a tree view. Double-clickingon a node in the DOM Viewer moves the cursor to the correspondingnode in the document.
– Help Browser: Komodo now uses Mozilla’s help browser fordisplaying Komodo help.
– New languages: Support for Template-Toolkit, HTML-Mason, Smarty,Django, and Luddite has been added using UDL
– User-Defined Languages: Komodo 4 introduces a system for addingcustom language support called UDL (User-Defined Languages) whichallows Komodo to properly syntax-color multi-language files andtemplated files common in many web programming frameworks. For thisrelease, Komodo includes better support for RHTML using thissystem. More multi-language files will follow in subsequentreleases. Also included is a tool called Luddite which you can useto define custom language syntax-coloring and package those intoKomodo extensions.
– Project Templates: Projects templates can be created and usedwhen creating a new project.
– SCC History: A new option has been added to the Source Controlmenu which displays the revision history of a file. You can compare(diff) two selected revisions from the list, or select one andcompare it to the local copy.

Installer Size: 84.6 MB

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