Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021
DBF Manager v2.94.412 Crack


Software Description: DBF Manager v2.94.412 Crack Serial

This is an advanced DBF data management solution for alldatabase users. It is packed with features normally found only intop end software. The built-in dbf editor of DBFManager offers safe and secure access to the internals ofthe dBase dbf file format. It is crammed full of highlysophisticated features including comprehensive support for datastructure modification. The sophisticated data editing, dataconversion and search-replace features are all carefully tailoredto suit each data type of interest.

DBF Manager has a comprehensive set of database index relatedtools. For example, the easy to use index manager will performon-the-fly re-indexing and index rebuilds from an open dbf file aswell as allowing a wide variety of index file types to be opened,modified and viewed. A print dbf structure feature is included inthe extensive index file manager feature set.

Here are some key features of “DBFManager”:
– View and edit dbf files (DBase III, IV, V, Foxpro, Clipper)
– View and edit memo files
– Multidocument interface
– View dbf using ANSI or OEM character set
– Create and modify dbf structure
– Print dbf structure and dbf data
– Pack records
– Zap records
– Encrypt and decrypt dbf files
– Open, view and modify .ndx, .cdx, .ntx, .mdx index files
– Reindex opened index files
– Filter records using most of all Clipper/Foxpro functions
– Search and replace records
– Allow to set relation between two tables
– Exclusive and read-only modes
– Columns customization
– Create lookup fields in the opened table
– Import from csv, txt file formats
– Export to csv, txt, xls, html file formats

Installer Size: 18 MB

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