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EJ Technologies JProfiler v10.1 Build 10186 Crack


Software Description: EJ Technologies JProfiler v10.1 Build 10186 Crack

JProfiler is a powerful tool that you can useto profile Java based applications in a dynamic way and enables youto analyze them in hopes of optimizing performance.

Exceptional ease of use
When you profile, you need the most powerful tool you can get. Atthe same time, you do not want to spend time learning how to usethe tool. JProfiler is just that: simple and powerful at the sametime. Configuring sessions is straight-forward, third partyintegrations make getting started a breeze and profiling data ispresented in a natural way. On all levels, JProfiler has beencarefully designed to help you get started with solving yourproblems.

Database profiling for JDBC, JPA and NoSQL
Database calls are the top reasons for performance problems inbusiness applications. JProfiler’s JDBC and JPA/Hibernate probes aswell as the NoSQL probes for MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase show thereasons for slow database access and how slow statements are calledby your code. From the JDBC timeline view that shows you all JDBCconnections with their activities, through the hot spots view thatshows you slow statements to various telemetry views and a list ofsingle events, the database probes are an essential tool forgetting insight into your database layer.

Excellent support for Java Enterprise Edition
Dedicated support for JEE is present in most views in JProfiler.For example, in the JEE aggregation level you see the call tree interms of the JEE components in your application. In addition, thecall tree is split up for each request URI. Also, JProfiler adds asemantic layer on top of the low-level profiling data, like JDBC,JPA/Hibernate, JMS and JNDI calls that are presented in the CPUprofiling views. With its JEE support, JProfiler bridges the gapbetween a code profiler and a high-level JEE monitoring tool.

Higher level profiling data
JProfiler has a number of probes that show you higher level datafrom interesting subsystems in the JRE. In addition to the Java EEsubsystems like JDBC, JPA/Hibernate, JSP/Servlets, JMS, webservices and JNDI, JProfiler also presents high level informationabout RMI calls, files, sockets and processes. Each of these probeshas its own set of useful views that gives you general insight,highlights performance problems and allows you to trace singleevents. And what’s more, all these views are also available foryour own custom probes that you can configure on the fly withinJProfiler.

Stellar analysis of memory leaks
Finding a memory leak can be impossible without the right tool.JProfiler’s heap walker offers you an intuitive interface to solveboth simple and complex memory problems. 5 different views and lotsof inspections show different aspects of the current set ofobjects. Each view provides you with essential insights on theselected objects and lets you switch to different objects sets.Questions like why objects are not garbage collected are answeredwith a single click of the mouse.

Extensive QA capabilities
JProfiler is ideally suited as a QA tool, both during developmentas well as for dedicated QA teams. The rich functionality aroundsnapshot comparisons makes it easy to track progress. JProfiler hasstrong support for command line operations. This includes theability to profile, export snapshot data and create snapshotscomparisons from the command line. The ant tasks bundled withJProfiler allow you to perform all command line operations fromyour build script.

Broadest support for platforms, IDEs and applicationservers
JProfiler integrates into your environment: We provide native agentlibraries for a wide range of platforms, both for 32-bit and 64-bitJVMs. Integrations into all popular IDEs makes profiling duringdevelopment as easy as running your application. And the largenumber of integrations wizards for nearly all application serverson the market ensures that you can get started with a few clicksand not with reading documentation.

Low overhead
JProfiler records data only when you need it. In fact, you canstart your application with the JProfiler agent and attach theJProfiler GUI at a later time. When you do not record any data, theoverhead is extremely small. That’s what we call on demandprofiling. Invariably, there are a lot of things you can adjust inan advanced profiler. JProfiler shows you how your profilingsettings will impact performance and offers you templates toquickly select profiling settings for common use cases.

The powerful CPU profiler
Fixing performance bottlenecks is the most frequent use case for aprofiler. However, CPU data can be overwhelming in its level ofdetail and the way data is collected can make a huge difference inusability. With JProfiler, you have a decisive advantage whentrying to find the reason for a problem. Call tree view filters,aggregation levels and thread status selectors are just someexamples of JProfiler’s versatility in this area.

The integrated thread profiler
Problems related to threading are much more frequent than one mightassume. Without a thread profiler, you only have a minimal chanceto tackle such issues. A whole range of otherwise opaque problemscan be solved when using JProfiler, such as increasing liveness ina multi-threaded application that uses too much locking. Threadprofiling not only has a separate view section in JProfiler, it isalso tightly integrated into the CPU profiling views.

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