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Instant Demo Pro v8.60.67 Crack


Software Description: Instant Demo Pro v8.60.67 Crack

Instant Demo will provide a quick and easy wayto create demos and tutorials of your software in the popular Flashformat! Instant Demo is ideal for software demonstrations, customersupport and training.

Instant Demo uses a simple design philosophy, providing anintuitive approach to the creation process. A single click of abutton is all that is required to start recording.

Instant demo automatically captures any visual changes on yourdesktop, including mouse appearance and movement. This smartcapture technology simplifies demo creation by removing the need tolater edit your mouse activity.

Editing features include annotated text and interactive hotspotswhich can be added quickly and easily using a simple controlpanel.

Instant Demo automatically calculates the correct display time foryour annotated text. Images can be imported using cut and paste,and Instant Demo can be easily integrated with your favouriteimaging software – there is no need to learn another graphicsprogram.

The demonstrations are created in the Flash format and are small insize, requiring only 100KB per minute of animation. This makesInstant Demo ideal for eLearning and web based sales and productpresentations.

Instant Demo can also create your tutorial as a single executablethat is only 6KB larger than your movie, allowing easy attachmentto emails for customer support. A picture says a thousand words -an instant demo says a million!

Here are some key features of “Instant Demo”:
– Captures visual changes to your desktop in real time.
– Capture the entire screen, a selected region or an individualwindow.
– Pan capture region during recording (Pro Version).
– Automatically records mouse movement and appearance.
– Record live sound during capture.
– Record or insert sound files when editing.
– Movies created in the popular Macromedia Flash format.
– Flash movies can be up to 50 minutes in length.
– Add customized playback controls to your demo.
– Streaming playback of movie content – your demo begins playingimmediately.
– Simple yet powerful editing using only two windows.
– Extremely small file size with 0.1MB of disk space per minute ofvideo for typical desktop applications.
– Add annotated text as a heading or within a talk bubble.
– Add mouse hotspots for interactive non-linear demonstrations andtutorials.
– Add in-movie hyperlinks for full integration with your website(Pro Version).
– Customize the appearance of your annotated text.
– Graphically edit movie frames with your favorite imagingsoftware. No need to learn another application.
– Automatic calculation of annotated text display time.
– Add individual frame effects: fade-in/out, cross fade andhighlight (Pro Version).
– True color recording and playback.
– High quality size reduction for animated Web Icons and forfurther file size improvements.
– Immediate preview of movie edits, no pre-rendering required.
– Creation of HTML web page templates for your demo.
– Creation of a small executable (single file) for easy attachmentto emails.
– Supports Undo / Redo changes. Your original recording is neverlost, even between editing sessions.
– Combine multiple recording sessions into one project (ProVersion).
– Programmatically control a recording session from anotherapplication (Pro Version).
– Available in Standard and Professional versions

Installer Size: 11.7 MB

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