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Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable Package Update Crack


Software Description: Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable Package + Full Crack

Microsoft .NET Framework (pronounced dotnet) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runsprimarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large library andprovides language interoperability (each language can use codewritten in other languages) across several programming languages.Programs written for .NET Framework execute in a softwareenvironment (as contrasted to hardware environment), known as theCommon Language Runtime (CLR), an application virtual machine thatprovides services such as security, memory management, andexception handling. The class library and the CLR togetherconstitute .NET Framework.
.NET Framework’s Base Class Library provides user interface, dataaccess, database connectivity, cryptography, web applicationdevelopment, numeric algorithms, and network communications.Programmers produce software by combining their own source codewith .NET Framework and other libraries. .NET Framework is intendedto be used by most new applications created for the Windowsplatform. Microsoft also produces an integrated developmentenvironment largely for .NET software called Visual Studio.

Microsoft .NET Framework Design Features:
Because computer systems commonly require interaction between newerand older applications, .NET Framework provides means to accessfunctionality implemented in newer and older programs that executeoutside .NET environment. Access to COM components is provided inthe System.Runtime.InteropServices and System.EnterpriseServicesnamespaces of the framework; access to other functionality isachieved using the P/Invoke feature.
Common Language Runtime engine
The Common Language Runtime (CLR) serves as the execution engine of.NET Framework. All .NET programs execute under the supervision ofthe CLR, guaranteeing certain properties and behaviors in the areasof memory management, security, and exception handling.
Language independence
.NET Framework introduces a Common Type System, or CTS. The CTSspecification defines all possible data types and programmingconstructs supported by the CLR and how they may or may notinteract with each other conforming to the Common LanguageInfrastructure (CLI) specification. Because of this feature, .NETFramework supports the exchange of types and object instancesbetween libraries and applications written using any conforming.NET language.
Base Class Library
The Base Class Library (BCL), part of the Framework Class Library(FCL), is a library of functionality available to all languagesusing .NET Framework. The BCL provides classes that encapsulate anumber of common functions, including file reading and writing,graphic rendering, database interaction, XML document manipulation,and so on. It consists of classes, interfaces of reusable typesthat integrates with CLR (Common Language Runtime).
Simplified deployment
.NET Framework includes design features and tools which help managethe installation of computer software to ensure it does notinterfere with previously installed software, and it conforms tosecurity requirements.
The design addresses some of the vulnerabilities, such as bufferoverflows, which have been exploited by malicious software.Additionally, .NET provides a common security model for allapplications.
While Microsoft has never implemented the full framework on anysystem except Microsoft Windows, it has engineered the framework tobe platform-agnostic, and cross-platform implementations areavailable for other operating systems (see Silverlight and theAlternative implementations section below). Microsoft submitted thespecifications for the Common Language Infrastructure (whichincludes the core class libraries, Common Type System, and theCommon Intermediate Language), the C# language, and the C++/CLIlanguage to both ECMA and the ISO, making them available asofficial standards. This makes it possible for third parties tocreate compatible implementations of the framework and itslanguages on other platforms.

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