Mon. Apr 19th, 2021
paxCompiler v4.2 Full Source for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Crack


Software Description: paxCompiler v4.2 Full Source for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Cracked

Apex Data Solutions has released paxCompiler,is an embeddable cross-platform compiler of the Object Pascal,Basic and JavaScript programming languages.paxCompiler is anembeddable compiler of Pascal programming language that generatesmachine code for Intel processor. It is possible to use thecompiler as a scripting engine. You can use the compiler as ascripting engine, so you can customize and extend your Delphi, VC++or Free Pascal application without having to recompile it.

Here are some key features of”paxCompiler”:
– The compiler generates machine code for Intel processor.
– You can embed the compiler into host application, registerhost-defined types, routines, variables and constants for theengine, read/write script- defined variables, call script-definedfunctions etc. You can save/load compiled scripts to/from astream.
– The compiler was initially written in Borland Delphi as a set ofDelphi components that allows you to embed the paxCompiler intoDelphi, Kylix or Borland C++ Builder application. You can customizeand extend the application without having to recompile it.
– Source code of paxCompiler is compatible with Free Pascal2.0.
– The compiler implements a subset of Object Pascal language. Thesupported types are: Boolean, Byte, Word, Integer, Double, Single,Extended, Char, AnsiString, ShortString, Pointer, Record Types,Array Types, Subrange Types, Enumeration Types and ProceduralTypes. The compiler supports such concepts as namespaces,overloaded routines, nested routines, default parameters,units.
– The roadmap of the compiler includes: support of OOP, Basiccompiler and C compiler, cross-language programming, built-inassembler, debugger.

Installer Size: 5.47 MB

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