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Software Description: ReportBuilder Enterprise v18.02 + Crack

Digital Metaphors has released 18.02 version ofReportBuilder Enterprise, is the defacto standardfor Delphi reporting solutions. The genesis of ReportBuilder wasthe desire to deliver a product that does for Reporting what Delphihas done for Windows programming. In that spirit, ReportBuilderprovides both a RAD environment and an object-oriented platform forsolving the reporting equation.

About ReportBuilder Enterprise. The Enterprise Edition includeseverything in Professional, plus the RAP language, which allowsdevelopers and end users to code calculations and complex eventhandlers at run-time. RAP enables the entire report definition(data, calculations, and layout) to be stored outside of theapplication executable. RAP enables developers to include ObjectPascal code and Delphi-style event handlers within reports, makingreport layouts stand alone entities that can simply be loaded andexecuted. RAP continues in ReportBuilder’s tradition ofextensibility, affording developers the ability to provide powerfulDelphi functionality wrapped for users as simple function callsthat can be easily generated via the RAP Code Toolbox. It alsoallows end-users to create calculations with a simple, intuitivedrag & drop interface.

In ReportBuilder Enterprise, the goal is to deliver afull-fledged reporting solution to end users. This goal is achievedby delivering visual, easy-to-use solutions in each of these fourareas. This screen shot of the ReportBuilder Report Designer showsthe ergonomic design of the user-interface.

Each of the four areas of reporting has a representative notebooktab containing a visual environment for the creation andconfiguration of components within that area. The results of eacharea then become inputs to the next area: data feeds intocalculations, calculations feed into components within the reportlayout, and the report layout is rendered into a preview of thereport. The implementation used by ReportBuilder Enterprise foreach area of reporting is described below.

Within the work environment of the Data tab, end users can quicklycreate dataviews, which can then be used to supply data to reports.Dataviews are usually created via the Query Wizard or QueryDesigner. Both of these tools are visual; they also allow the enduser to select the tables, fields, search criteria, and sort ordernecessary for the report. Behind the scenes, an SQL statement isgenerated and used to retrieve the data from the database.

Calc (RAP)
The Calc workspace is used to manage the RAP code associated withthe Report. The Calc workspace contains a tree view of the report,all the bands within the report, and all the objects within eachband. When a band or component is selected, all the events for thatcomponent are shown in a list. The user can then select an eventand code the event handler in the syntax-sensitive code editor atthe bottom. The following screen shot shows an OnPrint event ascoded for a Line component.

This screen shot shows the Calc workspace in its most feature-richand complex configuration. Development work completed here can bepassed on to end users so that they can modify it, locked down sothat end users can only view it, hidden completely so that endusers do not know it is there. The most scaled-down version of theCalc tab is provided by the dialog only interface, where no Calctab exists at all, and a single syntax-sensitive code-editor dialogis accessible from the Calculations… menu option of the variablecomponent. The user-interface and behind-the-scenes architecturehas been made highly scalable in order to meet the various needs ofdevelopers.

The Design workspace contains the actual layout of the report. Theuser-interface is identical to the one presented to developersusing ReportBuilder at Delphi design-time; in other words, it isfull-featured and professional. The Office97 interface-style makesthe Design workspace especially easy to learn for end users. AReport Wizard is available for creating reports quickly. You cancustomize this interface by replacing any of the dialogs it usesand by registering your own report wizards.

The Preview workspace contains the rendered report. The report canbe printed to the printer or to various file formats from thisworkspace.

Installer Size: 561.78 MB

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