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Scientific Toolworks Understand v5.0.929 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: Scientific Toolworks Understand v5.0.930 x86/x64 Keygen Crack

Understand is a static analysis tool for maintaining, measuring,& analyzing critical or large code bases.

From metrics and graphs to dependency analysis, Master yoursource code with Understand
Understand is a cross-platform, multi-language,maintenance-oriented IDE (interactive development environment). Itis designed to help maintain and understand large amounts of legacyor newly-created source code. The source code analyzed may includeAda, C++, C#, FORTRAN, Java, JOVIAL, and/or Delphi/Pascal.

It offers code navigation using a detailed cross-reference, asyntax-colorizing “smart” editor, and a variety of graphicalreverse engineering views.

Understand creates a repository of the relations and structurescontained within the software project. The repository is then usedto learn about the source code.

Basic Metrics:
– Class Count
– File Count
– Function Count
– Line Count
– Blank Line Count
– Code Line Count
– Comment Line Count
– Inactive Line Count
– Declarative Statement Count
– Executable Statement Count
– Ratio Comment to Code

Advanced Metrics: (Partial list)
– Cyclomatic Complexity
– Knots
– Class Coupling
– Percent Lack of Cohesion
– Path Count
– Max Inheritance
– Base Class Count
– Inherited Class Count
– Number of Instance Methods
– Weighted Methods per Class

Installer Size: ~
80 MB

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