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Amira v6.0.1 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: Amira v6.0.1 x86/x64 Keygen Serial

Amira is a powerful, multifaceted softwareplatform for visualizing, manipulating, and understanding LifeScience and bio-medical data coming from all types of sources andmodalities.
Amira is the leading software solution that satisfies even yourmost demanding needs to work with clinical or preclinical imagedata, nuclear data, optical or electron microscopy imagery,molecular models, vector and flow data, simulation data on finiteelement models, and all types of multidimensional image, vector,tensor, and geometry data.

Automatic and interactive segmentation and modeling toolssupport flexible creation of 3D surfaces and finite element modelsfor optimal visualization and simulation.

Here are some key features of “Amira”:
– Standard bitmap formats
– Microscopy image formats
– Medical image formats
– Finite element modelling
– CAD modelling
– Time series
– Flexibility and extensibility
– Flexible raw data import
– Neuroscience formats
– amiraMesh format
– Write your own I/O modules

– Ortho and oblique slicing
– Volume rendering
– Surface rendering
– Isolines and isosurfaces
– Multichannel imaging
– Image fusion
– Vector fields
– Tensors
– Filament tracing
– Spatial grids
– Molecular visualization

– Measurement tools
– Tissue statistics
– Co-localization analysis
– Arithmetic operations
– Densitometry
– Molecular analysis
– Surface analysis
– Thickness detection
– Network topology analysis
– Integration of Matlab

– Image filtering
– Surface generation
– FEM grid generation
– Segmentation
– Slice alignment
– Image registration
– Tensor computation
– Skeletonization
– Deconvolution
– Z-drop correction

– Animation tools
– High quality demos
– Movie generation
– 3D stereo vision
– Virtual reality tools
– Tiled screen display
– Multi-pipe rendering
– Support for tracking
– Scripting

– Mesh Option
– Microscopy Option
– Skeletonization Option
– Molecular Option
– Very Large Data Options
– Quantification+ Option
– Developer Option
– VR Option
– Specialized Readers

Installer Size: 1213 + 916 MB

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