Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
AVL FIRE M v2015.0 Crack


Software Description: AVL FIRE M v2015.0 + Activation Crack

AVL FIRE™ M is a multi-domain simulationsoftware simultaneously solving non-reacting, single phase fluidflows, heat transfer and solid temperatures in systems withoutmoving boundaries.

AVL FIRE™ M is the solution for optimizing performanceparameters of flow-carrying elements. It also allows accurateprediction of heat transfer between fluid and structure and thermalload of solid parts.

The software provides problem oriented, simple to usepre-processing solutions for geometries of all complexity levels.Multi-domain models are meshed in a single step. Domain interfacesare precisely maintained and do not require the generation ofarbitrary connections.

The main program is fully parallelized for maximum computingperformance. Besides flow simulation, heat transfer and temperaturefields in solid parts can be calculated seamlessly. Easy access toa comprehensive material property database supports users incharacterizing even very complex models.

AVL FIRE™ M models can be parameterized easily. Users can turn anyinput into a parameter. In minutes variants can be derived with thehelp of embedded DOE and a case explorer.

Simulation results are displayed multi-dimensional thus cause andeffect of flow phenomena can be judged quickly and accurate.Automatic template based reporting is available and can be executedboth online interactively and offline script based.

Installer Size: 1220 MB

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