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ChromasPro v2.1.3 Crack


Software Description: ChromasPro v2.1.3 Crack Serial

ChromasPro is a practical tool for the userswho need to manage multiple DNA sequencing projects. You can usethis program to import the sequence details from multiple programsand file types. DNA sequencing allows biologists and otherspecialists to find out the exact order of nucleotides in a DNAmolecule. The process can be completed by using various methods andapplications that aim to increase the accuracy. This program aimsto provide you with the required tools for analysing the importedsequences and editing the data in order to improve the sequenceassembly. It is also able to detect overlapping sequences in orderto display the ambiguities.

The interface is simple and allows you to quickly create aproject and import the sequences that you need to analyze. Onceloaded, you can assemble the sequences into contigs, edit theconsensus file and export the entire alignment.

An important tool is the Restriction Analysis which enables you tosearch for certain elements in the nucleotide sequence. The programincludes multiple databases of restriction enzymes and allows youto add new items by entering the recognition data.

Besides analyzing the nucleotide structure, the application iscapable of formatting the data in order to easily publish yourresults or share them with other colleagues. Thus, you can exportthe sequence as a PDF or plain text file with minimum effort.
ChromasPro has the following features:
– Open and save sequences in Applied Biosystems, StadenChromatogram (SCF), MegaBace (.esd), 454 SFF, FASTA, FASTQ, EMBL,GenBank, SwissProt, GenPept, GCG RSF and plain text formats.
– Assemble overlapping sequences into a consensus and automaticallydisplay ambiguities for editing.
– Use quality data to automatically remove low quality sequence andimprove sequence assembly.
– View Genescan genotype files.
– Generate restriction site and fragment maps, and list cutters,non-cutters and fragments.
– Map open reading frames, aided by a G+C frame plot, and translateORFs with one click.
– Print chromatograms, restriction site and fragment maps, and openreading frame maps.
– Perform nucleotide and protein BLAST searches through the NCBIweb site.
– Perform multiple alignments by interfacing with ClustalW.
– Reverse & complement sequences and chromatograms.
– Search for sequences by exact matching or optimal alignment.
– Display translations when editing nucleotide sequences.
– Perform reverse translations and plot nucleotide degeneracy.
– Plot hydrophilicity and antigenicity of proteins.
– Copy an image of a chromatogram section for pasting intodocuments or presentations.

Installer Size: 4.8 MB

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